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Craig Bryden

Craig Bryden

Chief Executive: Data Strategy @ BiTQ


Craig Bryden is Chief Executive: Data Strategy at Brisbane based consultancy BiTQ ( Craig has been a BI / Data Analytics specialist for over 23 years. Craig is a current Microsoft Data Platform MVP and is the founder of the QLD Power BI and Fabric User Group.


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Unified Data Governance with Microsoft Purview

Keeping track of what data and reports you have is really hard and exposing this to users is even harder. In this session, I will introduce you to Microsoft's Unified Data Governance tool, Microsoft Purview

Questions to ask when you're planning a Power BI project

No two projects are the same but there are some common threads between all of them.

Craig, Gilbert, Matt and Wyn discuss lessons learned over the last few years when approaching new Power BI projects.

Unexpected hurdles, client expectations, questions that must be asked early and more...

Power BI Deployment Pipelines

Power BI Deployment Pipelines is a Premium feature that allows you to separate your dev, test, and prod workloads and properly manage the promotion of artifacts from one stage to the next. In this session, Craig will introduce you to Deployment Pipelines and demonstrate how they work and how they can be invoked manually or automatically.

Power BI - Common Pitfalls for new users and organisations

As consultants the speakers have experienced a wide range of issues, misunderstandings and mistakes organizations and end users have made.
Sharing these experiences during this session will hopefully save others making the same mistakes and highlight what people should look out for.

Microsoft Fabric - Lets Talk about Administration, Security, and Governance

Everyone is very excited about Microsoft Fabric! Yes we are! But you may be asking yourself about management and governance. In this session, Craig will take you through how to administer Fabric, how security works, and other general governance discussions.

Govern your Data Estate with Azure Purview

Azure Purview is Microsoft's new Data Catalog and Governance tool. In this session Craig will demonstrate what Azure Purview is, and how you can use it to effectively Govern your data estate and Power BI implementation. Come see how you can create business glossaries and scan all your assets to keep on top of where the data is, and how it's being used.

Data Integration in Microsoft Fabric

In May 2023, Microsoft announced Microsoft Fabric to the world. In this entry level session, Craig will introduce the audience to the different ways to do a data integration in Fabric. This will mostly centre around the Data Factory experience.

An introduction to Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded is Microsoft’s answer to provide a state-of-the-art reporting platform for using in your ISV applications. You can provide reporting to all your customers without having to individually licence each user. In this session, Craig will discuss what Power BI Embedded is, how it’s licenced, and how you go about using it in your web applications. Come along and let Craig show you how easy this is!

An intro to Microsoft Form Recognizer

Forms, Forms, Forms. Many organisations still receive information in the form of hand-written or scanned in paper forms. The manual transposing of this information into computer systems is very slow and is fraught with the possibility of manual error. Although OCR technologies have been around for some time, they have traditionally been very expensive to implement and maintain. Microsoft Azure now provides Form Recognizer capabilities in cognitive services, which makes automatic form data consumption much easier. In this session, Craig will introduce you to form recognizer and demonstrate how easy it is to get started.

Craig Bryden

Chief Executive: Data Strategy @ BiTQ


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