Damien Jones

Damien Jones

UK Data Engineer | Creator at amazonwebshark.com | Fin Fan | Dog Dad | He/Him

Manchester, United Kingdom

Damien Jones is a Data Engineer at SecureDev in Manchester. He has decades of experience in the financial sector and currently specialises in AWS and SQL Server. Damien creates and maintains ETL processes, administrates and re-engineers infrastructure and tests and maintains HADR processes.

Outside of work, he is a keen runner, amateur gardener, dance music enthusiast and dog dad to two furry boys.


Area of Expertise

  • Finance & Banking
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Media & Information


  • Data Engineering
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SQL Server
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • Database and Cloud
  • Database
  • Data Warehousing

Building And Automating Serverless Auto-Scaling Data Pipelines In AWS

The modern data professional navigates a dynamic data landscape, handling high-velocity raw data at ever-changing volumes. In this 30-minute intermediate session, I demonstrate a fully serverless auto-scaling data pipeline using AWS services.

This session includes:

- Getting and storing API data with AWS Lambda and Amazon S3.
- Transforming the API data with AWS Glue & Amazon Athena.
- Pipeline automation and orchestration with AWS Step Functions and Amazon EventBridge.

Ideal for Data, DevOps, and Architecture professionals, this session offers practical insights into building efficient serverless data pipelines. Join to enhance your skills and explore the latest in Data Engineering and AWS.

SELECT [AWS] FROM [SQL Server Management Studio]

The modern data professional navigates a diverse data landscape, dealing with object stores, serverful and serverless data and relational and non-relational databases.

Having this variety of cloud data services is great, but accessing them can be challenging. And what if these services are outside Azure?

In this 60 minute L300 session, I explore various AWS services and their integration with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Firstly, I'll examine some common AWS data services. Then we'll access my AWS account and I'll show the full process of linking Amazon Athena to SSMS.

This section includes:

- An introduction to Amazon Athena.
- Configuring the Athena ODBC driver.
- Handling authentication through AWS IAM.
- Setting up a Linked Server in SSMS.
- Running some queries!

Join me if you grapple with accessing data in AWS, are an SSMS user curious about its integration with AWS, or have limited experience with Linked Servers and want to see them in action!

Racing Towards Insights: Analysing the Sale Sizzler 5k Series with VSCode Data Wrangler And Power BI

In this session, I explore the capabilities of the Visual Studio Code Data Wrangler extension and Microsoft Power BI using real results from the Sale Sizzler 5k race series. I'll uncover valuable insights through engaging visualisations and user-friendly and low-code data transformations.

This session will cover the following key steps:

- Discovering the convenience of the Visual Studio Code Data Wrangler extension for effortlessly transforming and cleaning the race results

- Taking a closer look at the Python code generated by Data Wrangler to understand what's happening behind the scenes.

- Loading the transformed race results into Power BI to generate informative visualisations and analyse trends.

Join me if you're a data professional, a budding analyst or a sports enthusiast!

AWS Summit London Upcoming

Presenting at Community Lounge

April 2024 London, United Kingdom

New Stars of Data #6 Sessionize Event

October 2023

Damien Jones

UK Data Engineer | Creator at amazonwebshark.com | Fin Fan | Dog Dad | He/Him

Manchester, United Kingdom