Damon Poole

Damon Poole

Independent entrepreneur and Agile Coach

Damon has coached at dozens of organizations and trained thousands of people across a wide variety of industries and company sizes including EMC, Capital One, Oanda, Ford, and Fidelity. He's delivered over a hundred sessions at meetups and conferences including Agile Alliance, Agile New England, Kentucky Fried Agile, Atlassian Summit, Agile and Beyond, and Agile Toronto.
As a coach of coaches at Eliassen, Damon led the Agile Delivery team which grew to hundreds of Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches in the field. He created Eliassen's Agile Transformation approach and the training content across all aspects of Agile, and led the effort to provide opportunities for the coaches to advance in their coaching journey.
This background gave Damon the opportunity to learn from hundreds of Agile Coaches in an enormous variety of client environments and from the wider international Agile community. What can you and Damon learn from each other?

Current sessions

User Story Writing - With Games!

In our experience, a major impediment to writing good user stories in the real word is a lack of example stories. Learn how to write better user stories across a wide variety of domain types using games! This session will introduce advanced user story writing and splitting through a combination of a short presentation and ten unique games which each provide a different insight into user story writing. Some are geared to the who/what/why of stories, others to the different aspects of INVEST, and still others to creating vertical slices and story splitting. There are more than 100 examples of “good” and “bad” tasks, stories, epics, products, and projects. The games are easy to learn, play, and teach so that you can experience good user stories in just a few minutes. Come play the games and then download them and share them with your friends and co-workers!

Advanced Agile Coaching

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop that applies coaching techniques to Agile Coaching from outside the world of Agile and beyond what is typically offered in Agile Coaching workshops such as the ICP-ACC or A-CSM.

Coaching is a process. When you are coaching, you are assisting your coachee to be the best problem solver that they can be. You are not working together to solve a problem; you are enabling the coachee to do all of the problem solving on their own. Your main job is to look for coaching triggers. A coaching trigger is a specific set of circumstances that arise which indicates the use of one or more coaching techniques.

You will learn twelve techniques and their triggers and practice them with your fellow participants: redirecting, releasing, spectating, clarifying, re-evaluating, highlighting, focusing, interrupting, orienting, and summarizing.