Dario Kondratiuk

Dario Kondratiuk

Author of Puppeteer-Sharp and Playwright-Sharp


Microsoft MVP. Web Developer with 15+ years on the web industry. Author of Puppeteer-Sharp. Passionate about C#, the web, remote work, and the open-source community.


You can also be a hero

You can also be part of the community. You have something that makes you unique. You have something to give.

This talk is about the community. About how a simple programmer like me (and you) can make a difference in the community.
I will share my journey from being a “community consumer” to participating in Stack Overflow, having my own blog and an open source project with over 100k downloads.

Hoy te convertís en un héroe

Vos también podes ser parte de la comunidad, vos tenes algo que te hace único, vos tenes algo para dar.

Esta charla es sobre comunidad, como un simple dev como yo (y posiblemente como vos) puede hacer la diferencia en la comunidad.
Quiero compartir mi viaje, desde ser un “consumidor” de la comunidad a participar en Stack Overflow, tener mi propio blog y un proyecto open source con más de 100.000 descargas

Hacking the browser with Puppeteer

Explore all the possibilities that Puppeteer and browser automation tools bring to developers: UI Testing, web scraping, PDFs generation and more.

Hacking the Browser With Puppeteer Sharp

In April 2017, Google launched Chromium 59, its first headless version. This allowed developers to start automating the browser using all the power of the Chrome Developer Tools. In August, they shipped Puppeteer, a NodeJS API which allows us to automate Chrome using javascript. A few months later Puppeteer-Sharp was created. A port which allows .NET developers to use Puppeteer in C#.
This talk is about exploring all the possibilities this library brings to developers such us, PDFs generation, screenshots, web scraping, web status check, performance analysis and more.

Coding your first web scraper with Puppeteer

We are going to create a web scrapper from scratch using Puppeteer. You will be able to learn how simple is automating your browser an extracting data from the web.

The future of browser automation with Playwright

Explore all the possibilities that Playwright and browser automation tools bring to developers: Test recorder, tracing, its own test runner and more!

Dario Kondratiuk

Author of Puppeteer-Sharp and Playwright-Sharp


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