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What comes after your first function in Serverless?

FAAS is the Nirvana of PAAS. You can spin out functions with HTTP Endpoint, expose indefinitely scalable APIs in a couple of seconds. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? How do you do versioning, routing of your APIs? What if you need a stateful function? What are the right tools to do eventing between your functions and the platform where they live? What if you wanted to orchestrate your functions like you do with your containers? Finally, what about a scalable PAAS database to back all your functions? In this fast-paced session, we will try to answer all these questions.

Implementing AI into your apps without learning AI

If you are one of those looking into the AI and Data Science field and scratching your head thinking "Do I need to go back to Statistics class?" Give it a moment and join me discovering what AI capabilities you can add to your applications today without learning AI and Machine Learning. At the end of this session, you will be able to implement Object detection, face detection, person identification, linguistic analysis. We will not just use pre-trained models. We will train our own as well! There is one thing that you will not learn and that's AI.

Cosmos DB: Jack of All Trades, Master of Many

How would it look like if you were building a wishlist for an imaginary database; turnkey global distribution, 5 well-defined consistency levels, SLAs across 4 dimensions (High Availability, Performance Latency, Performance Throughput and Data Consistency), Schema-agnostic automatic indexing, Key-Value, Tabular, Document, Graph, Relational Data Models, MongoDB, Gremlin, T-SQL API support... Did we go too far? Not really. So far we have just listed some of the features of CosmosDB. Come and join me to take a closer look and see if it is all blue skies, or maybe not?

Function Orchestration in the world of Serverless

You have a function, or two, or maybe more? Now is the time to talk about making sure you have full control on how data and communication flows between your functions. You need something to control how your functions interact to each other. You need something that can give you granular control, or sometimes maybe a simple user interface to get it done. This session is about your options in Azure to accomplish all that. We will look into Durable Functions and Logic Apps to understand where they can help us scaling our serverless move.

Azure Cognitive Services : What's in it for you?

Let's take a dive into what azure cognitive services has to offer to you, your apps! We will look into all the options, how they work and how we can build some custom build AI services, train our own models on the fly within minutes!