David Alcock

David Alcock

Principal Consultant for DTA IT Consultancy

David Alcock is a Developer turned DBA turned Data Professional and is the Principal Consultant for DTA IT Consultancy, a company he started to help people build and grow their data platforms

Current sessions

The Frugalista's Guide to SQL Server

This session is all about taking a frugal approach to learning SQL Server.

We'll look at options for installing SQL Server as well as various community and vendor tools that will help you manage and maintain your instances. Keeping up with trends is important for any frugalista, so we'll look at training ideas to help you learn and understand new technologies.

The main point though is that everything we cover in this session doesn't cost a single penny.

Guillotines, Sat-Nav and the Query Optimiser

What have guillotines and satellite navigation got to do with querying SQL Server? Well, in this session you’re going to find out! We’ll be looking into query performance and that means reading query plans, but in order to do that we also need some background knowledge of how the query optimiser works. With that in mind we’ll be jumping right into optimisation stages, hints and rules. We’ll also learn how to keep track and influence how the engine optimises our queries, and we’ll see if it’s a good idea or not.

Hip-Hop, Car Mechanics and Dynamic Management Objects

This session is an introductory guide to Dynamic Management Objects within SQL Server.

We'll look at how we can use these objects to return a huge range of information about our SQL Servers which helps in areas such as performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Finally we'll look at how we can use our scripts within other tools such as PowerShell, Azure Data Studio and Notebooks.