david frappart

david frappart

Core Team Cloud & Infra @Devoteam France

cloud architect for Devoteam since 7 years.
IT guys since 16 years.
Likes IaC with Hashicorp Terraform and all the Azure landscape
MVP Azure since 2019


Current sessions

Serverless for (Sec)Ops 1 - Getting started

How to start leveraging Serverless features when you're an (Sec)Ops ?
In this session, we will address this topic with Azure services.
On the agenda:
Leverage Azure services such as EventGrid, Logic Apps and Azure Automation to automate Security actions
Presentation of the concepts
Use case : alert RBAC Assignment change on subscription
Use case : Automate VM Password update

Serverless for (Sec)Ops 2 - Automate response to Azure Security Center

After getting to know Serverless capabilities in Azure, we are now aware of some scenarios to automate SecOps actions.
In this session, we will look at the value of Azure Security Center and how to automate response to Security recommandation and alerts.

AKS Security 1 - Automate a secured AKS deployment

Azure Kubernetes Service is easy to deploy.
So easy that Security in often an afterthought, while it should not.
In this first session, we will look at the step to consider to deploy AKS securely.
AKS RBAC integration with Azure AD
Network Policies
Secure access to control plan
At the end of the session we will have a proposal of deployment steps in Infrastructure as code

This session is an updated version of the session Secure AKS at deployment

AKS Security 2 - Automate Security Management in AKS

Once AKS is deployed securely, it must remains so.
Following the AKS Security 1, we will look at the actions SecOps should follow to keep AKS secure, and a way to automate those actions