David Sass

David Sass

Security Engineer @ Switch


David is a highly skilled SharePoint Guy who is focusing on Automation, Compliance, Security, Operational Excellence, Quality Assurance and hacking the unexpected out from the technology stack.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Automation & CI/CD
  • Automation with PowerShell
  • Azure Automation
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery

Execute Notebooks everywhere

Have a lot of script files laying around unorganized because you already forgot what is in them? You wish it was easier to know what they did without running them again?

While there is no magic wand to solve this problem, we can still turn to PowerShell Notebooks to hold our scripts and our knowledge for both our future self and as well for the next person on the job.

In this session we'll focus on how we can elevate our scripting game to a next level using PowerShell Notebooks as a replacement of PowerShell scripts to experiment more quicker and even document what we cooked in a hurry before we had to jump on some other work item.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Multitenant environments

There are very few things more annoying in scripting than wanting to deploy into subscription/tenant A and instead deploying into subscription/tenant B.

When managing Azure Resources in multiple tenants or just in multiple subscriptions for your in-house infrastructure or your own public SaaS offering it is important to only execute commands or scripts in the right context.

With the combination of terminal profiles, PowerShell startup conditions, and customized environment variables we can add guardrails to our everyday working environment to make sure we *not* running our scripts against the wrong environment.

First step of IaC is Configuration Monitoring

First step of Infrastructure as Code: configuration monitoring. If we are honest to each other IaC is a huge step if we don't have the means in place to ensure or validate IaC did what we wanted from it. This session focuses on the foundation on which we can build on and that is Configuration Monitoring.

Bypass and abuse a next-gen antimalware

In 2019 I was debugging, and I ran into some exceptions which were not created by my code, but a Next-Generational AI based antimalware which has injected its code into my script. The sorry about how I debugged their code. How I bypassed its detection, and later how I abused the detection itself to load and execute my code as SYSTEM.

Tips and tricks for when you don't have local admin rights

Most training is meant to target sysadmins with a focus on features like remote management or active directory, but there are lots of places whereas end users don't get local admin rights. This session will show you some handy tools and tricks what we all could use to boost our productivity.

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David Sass

Security Engineer @ Switch


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