David Schneider

David Schneider

CTO of isolutions, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director

Barcelona, Spain

Enthusiastic about technology, passionate about growing, inspiring and leading technical teams, getting-things-done-mentality and problem solving skills. Specialized in Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure and SharePoint. Currently working as CTO for isolutions - a leading Microsoft partner in Switzerland - and in charge of setting up the delivery center in Barcelona. Awarded as Microsoft MVP since 2015 and as a Microsoft Regional Director since 2020.

Together with the isolutions team, he is committed to making customers happy and successful every day. The focus is on a secure and sustainable integration of various Microsoft and third-party products.

He lives in Barcelona, but can also be met regularly in Switzerland. With pleasure he shares his secret tips for the best fondue.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Azure
  • Dynamics 365
  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Visual Studio
  • Recruiting
  • Cognitive services
  • Employer Branding
  • Open AI
  • Talent Development

Use the power of OpenAI to leverage your business application

n recent months, AI models have made huge strides. In this session, you’ll learn how to make a business application fit for the future thanks to Azure OpenAI Services. We will discuss some uses on how you can empower your business application users with OpenAI. However, the large language models must first build the company’s knowledge. With embeddings, you can “teach” them domain knowledge. You will learn how to create and consume such embeddings but also get some ideas about how to integrate them in your application. There will be a lot of demos, but we won’t go into the details.

Viva Topics - Experience From The Field

Viva Topics uses AI to automatically identify and extract topics in your organization. Viva Topics links the knowledge makes it more easily accessible to all users. In this session, we will show you how to set up Viva Topics and share our experience from real-world projects.

Get more out of your documents with Cognitive Services

With Microsoft Cognitive Services, you can automatically recognize, classify, metadata, and store your documents, images, and receipts on SharePoint. Improve the searchability of your unstructured data without the hassle of manually collecting metadata.

Play with Lego and Custom Vision

With Custom Vision we can recognize and assign objects. A simple example teaches you how to tag Lego bricks, train the model, and call the model from your code. With Custom Vision you can sort the Lego bricks by color, size or type. In this session you will learn the power of Custom Vision in a simple and fun way and you will see how to approach such a project.

Build Apps using data from the Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph offers a unified and modern endpoint for all data stored in Microsoft 365. It's easy to access contacts in Outlook, documents in OneDrive and trending files around me. In this introduction you get an overview of the API and you see how to build an app on top of Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Teams as development platform for business applications

Microsoft Teams is not only the new star in the collaboration sky. Microsoft Teams is also a platform for your own business applications. Microsoft Teams can be extended in various ways. These extensions can be installed within the company or made accessible to other customers via the store.

Getting started with PowerApps Form Processor

Form processing allows you to create models that identify and extract data from form forms. Machine Learning trains the model with your specific content. With PowerApps AI Builder Form Processing, you can achieve fast and accurate results without writing code. This session provides an overview of form processing capabilities in PowerApps AI Builder.

Microsoft Teams extensibility to Microsoft Dynamics 365

The integration of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams enables seamless collaboration and communication across your organization. You can access Dynamics 365 records, view customer insights, create activities, and share files without leaving Teams. With Conversation Intelligence meetings are transcript, summarized and action item extracted automatically. Viva Sales is another option, to integrate your CRM in Outlook and Teams. In this session, you will learn the different type of integration as well as best practices and tips for optimizing your productivity and efficiency.

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David Schneider

CTO of isolutions, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director

Barcelona, Spain