Dawid Ziolkowski

Dawid Ziolkowski

Power Platform Consultant

Gdańsk, Poland


Over 12 years in IT, 7 years of pure SharePoint, 5 years Office 365 and almost 3.5 years in Power Platform.
Fall in love with Power Platform and want to contribute to the community. Strongly believe in: Sharing is caring.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Power Apps

Build company knowledge and learning process - Power Platform as LMS

Power Platform with connection to Office 365 can work as LMS (Learning Management System) to help with building knowledge and learning process in your company. Session is a case study of the Power Apps/Flow/Bi/SharePoint/Stream/PowerPoint solution which worked as LMS in the organization:
- Power Apps provides Quiz interface (self-service )
- Power Apps recommendation
- Power Apps basic reporting
- Power Automate notifications and PDF creation
- SharePoint data and Front-End for Users
- Stream / Power Point training material
- Power Bi monitoring and supporting marketing
All to show how organization manage to build knowledge and learning process thanks to Power Platform in easy and cost-efficient way.

Magic of Collections and Galleries

Co mozna zrobic z kolekcjami oraz galleriami ich znaczenie oraz wpływ na aplikacje budowane w Power Apps. Zastosowania takie jak:
- Menus
- BreadCrumbs
- Wizards
- Repeating tables
- Single Checkbox across the all gallery items
- Dynamiczne listy pytań z różnymi input controls
W trakcie sesji będziemy pracować z funkcjami takimi jak: Collect, Patch, Concurrent, ForAll, Concat.
Zostanie również zaprezentowana metoda pozyskiwania z oraz przekazywania danych do Power Automate.

Provisioning solution – use case

In this session I will show how you can easily create a tool which will support Microsoft 365 tenant governance, thanks to:
- Power Apps
- Power Automate
- Power Bi
- Ms Graph

You will also learn what was the journey of creating such a tool, so you might easier understand how important is Business Value in creation of the solutions with Power Platform.

In the solution you will see:
- Power Apps providing multilingual easy interface for End-Users,
- Power Automate Flow includes Try Catch, Azure Valut (keep secret secret), Ms Graph calls, Site Design, Site Scripts.
- All monitored via Power Bi dashboard.

Power Apps functions - tips and tricks session

The number of the Power Apps functions is growing constantly. Join this session to learn about the new function like ParseJSON, Index or the function which are in the platform for longer moment like With or ForAll and how you can utilize their known and maybe lesser known properties to make your Apps better.

Meet the Application Lifecycle Management - Introduction workshop

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is critical for the development of the solution in Power Platform. Even if you are Citizen Developer, you definitely faced challenges of how to create new version of your Solution and not risk breaking of the End Users experience.
Come, join and learn basics of the Application Lifecycle Management.
The workshop covers introduction to the ALM terminology and step by step exercises of creation solution, and it's deployment.
Note: ALM is applicable to all Power Platform assets, but the focus will be set on Power Apps & Automate assets.

Meet Child Flows aka Modular Flows introduction

A mini - workshop session showing how to change the approach to building one huge flow and split it into smaller Flows.

Attendees will learn how to use Child Flows in their architecture and the impact of the Child Flows for their environments and company.

With couple simple exercises, Attendees after the session should know how to create Modular Flows easily.

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Dawid Ziolkowski

Power Platform Consultant

Gdańsk, Poland


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