David Benson

David Benson

I work at Smart Data

Springboro, Ohio, United States

From the music industry to healthcare and from horse racing to robotics, David has worked with companies both big and small to lead teams that delivered personalized full stack solutions for challenging problems.

David Benson is no stranger to javascript - he has deployed successful client products in Node, Angular, React, Knockout, and Durandal, as well as hand built apps for Spotify, Chrome, and Firefox. More importantly than the framework or language itself, David is passionate about helping his team and clients find the right tools and strategies for each challenge.

David has previously talked at the comSpark conference in Mason, Ohio, as well as multiple Smart Data lunch and learns reaching as many as eighty attendees. He lives with his wife, daughter, and yorkie poodle in Springboro, Ohio.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • React
  • RxJS
  • Web Development
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Angular

Deep Dive Into RxJS

RxJs is powerful - but can also be confusing. In this session we will dive to the basics of the the Reactive Extensions pattern, and explore the differences between RxJs Observables and Promises. Then we’ll take a swim around Subjects, navigate through the challenges of transforming observables, and wade into some real world problems with garbage collection and duplication. Hold onto your trunks!

1/2019 Smart Data Lunch and Learn

Using React When Performance Matters

Performance matters when building complex, data-intensive web applications. In this talk, Michael Timko and David Benson will build a Trello-style Kanban app using React, a cutting-edge JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook to painlessly create interactive UIs. In addition to building a working app from scratch, David and Michael will give an overview of component-oriented software design and demonstrate why React has become the go-to choice for front-end development at companies like Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox.

3/2017 - Smart Data Lunch and Learn
9/2017 - ComSpark Conference

Building a Shared Hosting Service with Docker and Amazon ECS

In this talk, David walks through the steps of hosting several docker applications on a single Amazon ECS cluster using Traefik and Amazon Elastic File System

12/2017 Smart Data Lunch and Learn

David Benson

I work at Smart Data

Springboro, Ohio, United States