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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Deesha Vora

Founder & Product lead @SuperWise

I am founder and Product lead @SuperWise ( We are Construction project management SaaS for Builders/Developers, PMCs and Contractors.
I started in the world of mobility in year 2011 and since then I have made enterprise apps using various platforms and languages for my start-ups. e.g Objective-C, swift, Cocoa3d, Java, Kotlin, Dart etc.
I believe in the paradigm that "Programming is language agnostic".
It has to be decided purely based on the nature of the application and not based on skill sets available.

Past and future events

Developer++ through patterns, Architecture, and Products

23 May 2020
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Project management National Conference 2019

20 Sep - 21 Sep 2019
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Mentoring for Android - StartUpJam by GBG

13 Sep 2019
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Panel Discussion

31 Aug 2019
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


18 May 2019
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Product Tank

I won champion of the month award at Product Tank 2019.
6 Apr 2019
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Product Analytics 101

All about analytics using various tools like Firebase, Flurry, Google Analytics. How to capture and analyse the information
23 Mar 2019
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Bizfest 2018

Was part of google developer community and annual event of google business group.
organised the event and was part of panel discussion.
22 Dec 2018
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Job Schedulers at MAD MeetUp

Intro of JobScheduler
Job Scheduler, JobService, JobInfo etc

Possible JobTrigger Events
OnReboot, Periodically, Network state change, Content Provider update(API 24), Your own criteria, battery level etc

How to do it (Code)
Explain code. Mostly I will have My Github code to explain how job can be scheduled and service is executed

Background Optimisation with Nougat

Intelligent Job-Scheduling
Places where JonScheduler can be used.
How can we make it more efficient.
18 Mar 2018
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Persistence always Persists at WomenTechMakers [IWD]

"Persistence always Persists"
When we are in dead lock situation while coding. Where we go? Stackoverflow, Github solutions, Techie friends and the list goes on. But behind the scene what we really do? We Persist.

We all have different goals to pursue, and it would be unfair to deny that we face trouble everyday persuing those. Talent and hard work are no brainer to achieve something, but there is something beyond that. Yes persistence, but how to get that?
I would love to share my experience on how persistence helped me follow my dream and how I persist it like everyday is day 1 :)
10 Mar 2018
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India