Dennis Dietrich

Dennis Dietrich

Manager Software Development ICS, Phoenix Contact


Dennis Dietrich is a manager at Phoenix Contact's Industrial Cabinet Solutions (ICS) business unit where he leads a software development team. He holds a master’s degree in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Leicester and has over 20 years of industry experience in various roles including testing, development, and technical leadership.

Sitting in meetings all day long: My first 180 days as a new Software Engineering Manager

In early 2023 I made a decision. I vowed to quit being an individual contributor (IC) and finally make the transition to engineering management, something I had been interested in for a while. To my surprise, it only took a couple of months from me publicly declaring said goal on LinkedIn to my first day in my new job as the manager of the software development team of Phoenix Contact's Industrial Cabinet Solutions business unit. Taking on this challenge with limited previous leadership experience meant drinking from the proverbial firehose. It wasn't until the first four of five months had passed that the water pressure finally started to go down. This talk is for new managers, ICs considering moving to the management track, and anyone else curious about what's been like for me. It's not a masterclass (or any kind of class for that matter), but merely a glimpse into my very personal journey from engineering to engineering management.

Introduction to unsafe C#: Calling native code and crashing in entirely new ways

Does your C# code have enough access violations? How about mutating supposedly immutable strings? No? What about buffer overflows or heap corruptions? Learn how to do all of this in pure C#, no C or C++ required! In this talk, we’ll be looking at pointers, unions, unmanaged memory, implementing IDisposable and finalizers, and how to call and be called by native code.

Let's get Func⟨Y⟩: Adding functional programming to your OOP codebase

All functions are equal. But some functions are more equal than others! They could be higher-order functions or (im)pure. Some might be closures. In this talk you'll learn what all of these terms mean, how they relate to functional programming, and how functional programming lets you solve certain problems more elegantly and succinctly than object-oriented programming, using (simplified) real-world examples in C#.

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Dennis Dietrich

Manager Software Development ICS, Phoenix Contact


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