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DevSpace Technical Conference 2023

event starts

23 Oct 2023

event ends

24 Oct 2023


Von Braun Center, South Hall Huntsville, Alabama, United States

DevSpace is an annual developer’s conference that takes place in Huntsville, Alabama.Fueled by extensive space and missile research and a vibrant, emerging start-up culture, Huntsville is a market poised and ready to burst onto the national stage.

Technological interests run the gamut of every language.As such, DevSpace aims to cater to this entire atmosphere.DevSpace wants to offer talks on a variety of languages, offering attendees the ability to improve their skills within their daily technology of choice and the ability to become familiar with new technologies.Combine this with talks on soft skills and processes, DevSpace will provide an outstanding value to the attendees.

DevSpace operates on a Monday and Tuesday.We think this schedule will encourage employers to send their employees to the conference.The schedule is based on the idea that employers can send employees to gathers skills they can use the very next day at work.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

15 Jun 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

17 Jul 2023

Call closes in Central Daylight Time (UTC-05:00) timezone.
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What we are looking for

If we were normal, this would be a paragraph about what we're looking for. However, we'ren't normal like that. This is what I will tell you.

Depending on the number of sessions, we'll accept somewhere between 55 and 64 sessions. The wobble has to do with the number of 30 minute sessions submitted.

When you submit a session, there is one required tag. It is a drop-down box that will force you to pick between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This is how we define that:

  • Beginner: No prior knowledge of the main topic is required.
  • Intermediate: Working knowledge of the main topic is recommended.
  • Advanced: Deep knowledge of the main topic is required.

After you pick your level, you can add as many or as few tags as you like. More tags are good for attendees. Less tags are good for selection. You should probably aim for about 3.

How sessions are selected

We have some golden rules for selecting and scheduling our talks. The first 3 have to do with selection. The final two deal with scheduling.

  1. Two talks on the same general topic cannot happen at the same time.
  2. No single general topic, except non-technical (soft skills) talks will available in every session block.
  3. No speaker shall present more than 2 talks.
  4. No speaker will speak more than once on a single day unless the speaker requests to do so.
  5. No talk on the same general topic (including non-technical talks) will be in the same room for consecutive sessions.

When will we hear back from you?

If all goes well, The call for speakers will close on the 15th of July. We will select the sessions and notify speakers by the 25th of July. We will announce the full session line-up on the site on the 1st of August.

What do we give you

This is always a touchy subject. You will always get a full ticket to the conference. Unfortunately, that's all I can promise.

I'm going to be honest here. We've never ended a year in the black. I'm still paying for last year. However, I will say this, giving back to speakers is the FIRST thing we'll do once we clear expenses.

Having said that, if you need some sort of assistance, please reach out to us. We'll do everything we can to help. If you feel you can't submit because we can't promise full T&E, we completely understand.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to use at

Let's do this

event fee

free for speakers

Some Assistance may be available based on a very tight budget. If this is a sticking point, please contact us first.