Dimcho Tsanov

Information & Communications Technology

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Sofia, Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria

Dimcho Tsanov

Freelancer focused on Microsoft 365 apps and services

Dimcho is a freelancer focused on Microsoft 365 apps and services.
In the past year, he is working on an enterprise project build on the top of Power Platform. His current professional interests are Power Apps, Power Automate, Command Data Services.
Dimcho has a background as consultant and developer on SharePoint projects. He has been working with SharePoint platform ever since 2009.

Current sessions

Canvas vs. Model-Driven Apps: let’s compare them through an example

PowerApps platform give us the ability to build different types of apps. Choosing the most appropriate one for our case is a complex decision. In this session, we will compare the two types through an example. One real life business case will be implemented though Canvas Apps + SharePoint and Model-Driven App + Command Data Services.

How to design AppSource store compatible solutions

Together with the various programming approaches and application interfaces, Office 365 also offers an opportunity for anyone to sell his solution through a marketplace.
AppSource is an app store for Office 365 products.
Join this session and learn more about:
- How to register in the AppSource store
- Type of solutions we can add
- Design principals in store-oriented solutions
The content will be 50% technical + 50% business oriented.

Integration approaches between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online

Going out of the boundary of a specific product (or service) and integrate with another one is an important advantage of the Office 365 ecosystem.
Embedding the document management features of SharePoint Online into Dynamics 365 is an example of such collaboration.
In this session we will explore this integration scenario and will compare different technical implementations.

React + Office UI Fabric: Never ever develop ugly interfaces

A hot topic in the Microsoft cloud world nowadays is the Office UI Fabric. The front-end framework empowers developers to build functional and nice-looking user components that fit seamlessly into Office and Office 365.
Its use with React JS provides many ready-to-use controls that simplify the development process.
In this talk we will:
📝 Review the Office UI Fabric and its use with the different JavaScript libraries
📝 See examples and real world tips about Office UI Fabric with React