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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina

Dinda Dinda


I am an artist. I am investigating the relationship between humans, the plant kingdom, and technology. In love with virtual reality and always doing performances. I want to share the interest in creating art and the possibility of communicating sensations and ideas with technology. In addition, I am concerned about global warming and how people who understand technological innovation can make a difference using creativity.
Front-end developer (ADA) and studying for a degree in visual arts, digitalization. National University of the Arts of Argentina

I am an artist who uses code to express my point of view of life. I think everyone has something to say so that people can grow in some way. This ability to talk about how we think through technology allows us to improve in other parts of our lives. Creativity makes things roll and be faster.
I am a frontend developer and I love interactive and dynamic art.

Current sessions

Art with Tech

Did you think about programming something just to communicate an idea? Have you tried to make art with your code?
In this talk, I will tell you how important it is to allow yourself to create and immerse the subject you wish to discuss with the world because we all obtain benefits when you make art.
Art makes people think.
What part of society would take advantage of what we want to say and where should we share it to achieve the best impact? What are the tools we already have and how can we use them to evolve faster?

Target audience everyone who manage technology, Preferred session duration 30 - 45 min. The talk will need a projector or some place to play a video and a presentation of images, it will also require a wi-fi connection.

Past and future events

Artist Front-End

Did you develop something that goes beyond useful? Give it its place! Meet the community, events and the importance of sharing what you do. Art, with CSS! Our everyday work allows us to communicate and represent while also letting the user interact with it, but the scope of how we transmit feelings and sensations through the Front-end graphic interface is unimaginable!
18 Aug 2018
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina