Domenico Gemoli

Domenico Gemoli

Frontend developer @ booking.com

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Born in England, relocated to Italy at the age of 13, currently living in Amsterdam. Domenico is a goal-driven developer with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge.

He has been working with web technologies since 2010 when he started out as an Interactive developer, building stunning interactive storytelling experiences in Flash.

In 2013 he transitioned into modern web technologies, and this is when he met end-to-end testing. It was love at first sight.

Employed by the world's leading accommodation website, Domenico is currently responsible for the internal tooling and training that helps product teams implement test automation and improve the stability of the products they build.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

End-to-end testing: from rookie to pro

## Abstract

You can gain a lot from a stable suite of end-to-end tests, but a lot of developers are stuck in the past and afraid of how difficult it can be. Dive into this crash course on end-to-end testing, you'll find out how end-to-end testing has evolved into something that anyone can do with ease.

## Description

The talk is a walkthrough guide on what the current status of end-to-end testing is, and how to get up and running with end-to-end tests. It uses WebdriverIO as an example framework for demonstration purposes, but the topics discussed will be valid for any modern testing framework.

Once you've seen the basic setup and some simple examples, you'll see some advanced techniques that I’ve picked up along the way that will help you test some of the trickier aspects of a website.

The talk is suitable for all audiences with a very basic understanding of Javascript, and is applicable to anyone developing a website, regardless of the technologies it is built with.

## Outline

What is end-to-end testing?

- Basic explanation
- Why it is useful
- Comparison with other types of testing
- Why WebdriverIO?

Setup a test suite with WebdriverIO

- Quick configuration and first test with WebdriverIO CLI
- Examples of what you can achieve out of the box

Augment your tests with 3rd party tools

- Integration with Zalenium
- Integration with Browserstack and Saucelabs
- Mobile testing with Appium

Advanced techniques for end-to-end testing

- Visual regression testing
- Testing a page for a11y violations
- Testing video
- Testing audio

Here are links to the [slides](https://www.slideshare.net/DomenicoGemoli/end-toend-testing-from-rookie-to-pro-123035908) (subject to change) and the [repository](https://github.com/aberonni/webdriverio-demo-tests) with examples mentioned throughout the talk.

I have a lot of experience in public speaking and have done theatrical acting for several years, thus my desire to speak in front of an audience.

I’ve already given this talk at [ITNEXT summit](https://www.itnextsummit.com/sprekers/domenico-gemoli/) and [Frontmania](https://www.frontmania.com/conference/welcome) but unfortunately I have no recording of the talk at the moment. I received a lot of positive feedback both during and after the conference, I'm sure you would receive positive feedback should you decide to reach out to the organisers of the conferences mentioned above.

Domenico Gemoli

Frontend developer @ booking.com

Amsterdam, Netherlands