Dominik Przybysz

Dominik Przybysz

Software Developer @ TouK

Warsaw, Poland

Dominik is a software developer in TouK, committer in Apache Aries and contributor in some open source projects. He writes code using generally the JVM languages, occasionally also makes some scripts in python and shell or even creates some applications with ReactJS. Dominik loves testing (especially written in Spock) and any automation in the software development process. He takes care of the clean code (his or someone's else) through frequent code review.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • java
  • Kotlin
  • Java & JVM
  • Testing
  • Architecture

OOP revisited

There are many programming paradigms. One of them is the object oriented programming. But... Do you really take advantage of it? Are you brave enough to say that you have real "objects" in your project? Having classes and creating something from them is not enough... Have you heard about SOLID or GRASP principles? Do you know what DRY mean? Let's investigate those and some other rules to make your code really object oriented, not just pack of public getters and setters tangled as spaghetti in classes and packages.

CV Driven Development

What do you think about your current project or product? Boring? Innovative? "We don't have Kotlin, MongoDB, Kafka and GraphQL so I am wasting my time..." It's your feeling, but how about your project? Your team, organisation, customer - what is the best for them? We are not developing software just for ourself. During this presentation I am going to talk how to decide what is good for our product, what technology or technic we should pick, how to introduce (or not) new shiny pokemons to our project and how to validate if it really brings the value before we rewrite the whole codebase.

Secure Domain

What is the most important part of your project code? Of course, it is the domain logic code. We have to protect it and look after it. You say "Yeah... I heard about Ports and Adapters or Clean Architecture". It is not enough. Let's look into your domain code and make it really clear and safe.
I will be talking about names, types, languages and techniques available in JVM world which help us making our domain code better and cleaner.

Ports and Adapters

Have you ever rebuilt an entire application, because you needed to add a new field on the frontend? Or maybe some changes in the database tables have changed all your domain? How to deal with the changing world and requirements? How to maintain order within the application and focus on the domain? How to convert the external world into an implementation detail? The architecture of ports and adapters is the answer.
During the presentation, I will talk about experiences with the applications, where the domain is the most important thing and I will answer four questions:
- What is in it for you?
- How to do it?
- What to keep in mind during implementation?
- Why is it difficult?

Integration Tests - The good, bad and ugly

What are the integration tests? For what we are preparing them? What's the difference between integration and unit tests? How do the good integration tests look like? What should they contain and what should be avoided or accepted only in special cases. There are so many questions... If you curios about the answers and much more about integration tests then this presentation is for you. It will be full of examples from real applications with various integration points with external world.

Dominik Przybysz

Software Developer @ TouK

Warsaw, Poland

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