David Rey

Information & Communications Technology

Uno Platform UWP webassembly Xamarin

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

David Rey

Architect on the Uno platform

David obtained a masters in computer sciences in 2010 and joined nventive that same year. He was involved in the development of our internal tools since then and is now a full time member of the Uno team.

  platform.uno (company)
  nventive.com (nventive)

Current sessions

Code Dive with Uno Platform – the Uno Azure DevOps app

Let’s examine live code together! Our showcase app - UADO - is an app we built with Uno Platform to help you organize Work Items in Microsoft Azure DevOps projects. UADO is meant to help you learn and experiment with Uno Platform by examining its source code.

Come and see how we handle authentication, form factors, resources, navigation, developer loop (edit and continue), and more.