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Sarah Guthals

PhD, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Sarah Guthals is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC San Diego, her passion is to design content, software, and companies that focus on engaging learners.

Current sessions

It Wasn't Just Luck

As the daughter of a single, immigrant, mother, Sarah knew two things since she was a child: She loved teaching and learning and she never wanted to sleep in a car again. Now with her PhD in computer science and a principal program manager at Microsoft, she is dedicating her career to encouraging and teaching others to discover their own passions and paths through life. But with a daughter of her own now, the "path" isn't so much a path anymore, but a never-ending set of decisions, defenses, and challenges to overcome.
In this session, "Dr G" will describe the challenges of focusing on education in tech, starting a company, and being a mom.