Ed Olson-Morgan

Ed Olson-Morgan

Core API & Innovation Lead, Marsh McLennan

Sacramento, California, United States

Ed Olson-Morgan is an experienced technology leader with a diverse background across technical fields as well as business, consulting and strategy. He is currently the Core APIs and Innovation Lead at Marsh McLennan, where he is building a team of software engineers and technologists to support greater collaboration and reuse across the organization.

Prior to rejoining Marsh McLennan in early 2021, Ed spent four years at Bain & Company as a founder of their ADAPT@Bain digital team and a Director in their Global Engineering organization. He began his career at Marsh McLennan, spending time in consulting roles at Mercer Management Consulting and Oliver Wyman before becoming part of the initial team at Oliver Wyman Labs. There he spent five years working across the organization to establish data engineering, client-facing engineering and consulting capabilities within the group.

Ed lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and three young children.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • API Design
  • API Testing
  • OpenAPI
  • API Strategy
  • API First
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Architecture
  • Modern Software Development
  • api security
  • API Documentation
  • API Platform
  • API Identity and Access Management

OAuth, OIDC and protecting third-party credentials

Protecting your organization's data doesn't just involve protecting the systems you own and build; it also involves protecting the third party systems (such as SaaS applications) that hold that data. But locking those applications down too tightly prevents collaboration across teams and partners and leads to duplicated effort. This talk explains a pattern, credential abstraction, that can be used to further secure third-party systems and ensure that data can be shared safely within appropriate bounds. It reviews an example implementation and how some of the challenges that came up during that implementation were managed.

(Meta)data for developers: building a data API

Marsh McLennan's Enterprise Architecture team is focused on increasing technology use and reducing development time. Providing engineering teams a single way to surface data and metadata through common patterns (such as REST) seemed like a great way to achieve that. See what they achieved, how they leverage technologies such as Dremio to achieve consistency, what lessons they learned and what they plan to do next.

tl;dr: shifting API standards left

When Marsh McLennan established a core APIs team in April of 2021, one of the first priorities was to create a set of API standards for the organization. But after blending together industry exemplars, RFCs, internal best practices and the occasional meme or two, the forty-six page document that resulted didn’t lead to the API revolution we’d expected. Focusing on closely integrating the standards with OpenAPI specification led to increased adoption across the internal developer community. Come and learn how the team used the OpenAPI Specification to drive standards compliance, improve collaboration and allow for easy maintenance and iteration of the standards over time.

API World 2023

October 2023 Santa Clara, California, United States

DeveloperWeek CloudX 2023

August 2023 San Mateo, California, United States

API World 2022

October 2022 San Jose, California, United States

Ed Olson-Morgan

Core API & Innovation Lead, Marsh McLennan

Sacramento, California, United States