Ed Gonzales

Ed Gonzales

Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Portland, Oregon, United States

Ed Gonzales has been working in technology for twenty-five years, covering many roles and developing new ones along the way.

His journey to bring customer relationship management (xRM) solutions to his previous employer led to thought-leadership awards and recognition from leading industry experts, including Microsoft MVP and User Group All-Star.

Ever the polymath, his current endeavors include aviation science, aquaponics, and fostering orphaned kittens.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

What to do when your Flow doesn't Flow

As a new user, it can be intimidating to ask for help - not knowing where to begin, thinking your scenario is too specific, or worrying if it's something silly like the "parking brake is still on"...but there are steps you can take to troubleshoot the issues yourself, as well as a wealth of information waiting to be mined.

We’ll walk through 5 steps to problem-solving in Flow, and also cover some specific and common issues faced by new users, and how to resolve them.

Hungry Teams, Natural Language Chatbots, Virtual Agents, and Yelp

A powerful introduction into the world of natural language chatbots as we grab information from an HTTP call and use adaptive cards to present that information in Teams. This session is perfect for the code-averse Office user looking to add some impressive functionality to existing processes, or even build an exciting new one using the methods covered. We will also explore similar functionality from within Power Virtual Agents.

Users will gain a working foundation in each respective area and will see how accessible the advanced tools are for new power-users.

The Business-User's Learning Guide for Power Automate and Expressions for Makers

Microsoft's Power Platform streamlines the problem-solving process by putting the right tools in the hands of the people facing the issues. But the open and modular style requires a new aspect of learning where the focus is on the "pieces" rather than the "final product". Join Business Applications MVP, Ed Gonzales, as he shows how to get the most from your Power Automate learning, and some approaches to common functions that will make expressions less-scary for the Maker.

Diverse Humanity and Technology: Women and Allies – Better Together

Did you know that 75% of the talking in most meetings is done by men – regardless of the number of women present? Or that men will typically interrupt women almost 3 times more often than they interrupt another man? Or that leaders who ensure female team members get constructive and supportive feedback are 127% more likely to elicit breakthrough ideas?

Join this panel discussion to learn how simple shifts can help create a safe and welcoming environment for all women in your industry. Hear stories illuminating some common, but largely unnoticed or un-acknowledged behaviors which contribute to the lack of representation today….and, more importantly, how we can all change the trajectory and create a better environment for everyone.

Panel members include:
Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Azure McFarlane
Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP, Amy Dolzine

ALM for Makers - Things Devs and Admins Wish We Knew

Microsoft's Power Platform is a great way for Business-Users and Makers capitalize on some very technical processes without having to learn an entire programming language. There are, however, some principles from the "Developer World" that help us build better apps and automations. Join Microsoft MVP, Ed Gonzales, as he shares some lessons he learned as a Maker which may help make your work more performant, sustainable, and supportable.

PowerDive365 - Microsoft 365 Power User & Citizen Developer Conference 2021 Sessionize Event

June 2021 Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Microsoft Technology Expo Sessionize Event

January 2020 Portland, Oregon, United States

Ed Gonzales

Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Portland, Oregon, United States