Edoardo Dusi

Edoardo Dusi

Developer Relations Engineer @ SparkFabrik

Developer Relations Engineer @ SparkFabrik

Bologna, Italy

Edoardo is a Developer Relations Engineer at SparkFabrik, a company that helps organisations build digital products with open source technologies. He has a strong software developer and team leader background, working on various projects and platforms. He is passionate about creating and sharing content that educates and inspires other developers, such as tech talks, videos, podcasts, conferences, and more. He enjoys connecting with the developer community and promoting the benefits of open source software.

Edoardo è Developer Relations Engineer presso SparkFabrik, una tech company che aiuta i propri clienti a costruire prodotti digitali con tecnologie open source. Ha una solida esperienza come sviluppatore software e team leader, avendo lavorato su vari progetti e piattaforme. È appassionato di creazione e condivisione di contenuti che ispirano gli altri sviluppatori, come tech talk, video, podcast, conferenze e altro. Ama connettersi con la comunità degli sviluppatori e promuovere i benefici del software open source.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


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The Origins of Modern Computing: The Story of John Von Neumann and Alan Turing en

We will delve into the fascinating history of two of the most important figures in the development of modern computing. We will explore the lives and work of John Von Neumann and Alan Turing, and examine how their pioneering contributions helped shape the field of computer science. From Von Neumann's groundbreaking work on the architecture of the modern computer, to Turing's foundational work in the areas of cryptography and artificial intelligence, this talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the early days of computing, and the visionary thinkers who helped bring it to life. Whether you're a computer scientist or simply interested in the history of technology, this talk is sure to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the groundbreaking work of these two remarkable individuals.

Clash of JS: the same app built with different JavaScript frameworks en it

JavaScript has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and we are now spoiled for choice with many different frameworks available for building web applications. But with so many options, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your project.

In this talk, we will explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, by building the same application with multiple frameworks. By comparing the codebase and performance of each framework, we can gain a better understanding of which framework is best suited for a particular type of application.

We will start by introducing the application we will be building and then walk through the process of building the same app with different frameworks, including React, Angular, and Vue. We will look at the differences in syntax, architecture, and code complexity, and we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each framework. Finally, we will compare the developer experience of each framework.

Whether you're a developer who is new to JavaScript frameworks or an experienced developer who wants to compare different frameworks, this talk will provide valuable insights into the pros and cons of each framework.

Clash of JS: la stessa app realizzata con diversi framework JavaScript en it

JavaScript è evoluto enormemente negli ultimi anni, e ora abbiamo a disposizione molte scelte di diversi framework per la creazione di applicazioni web. Tuttavia, con così tante opzioni, può essere difficile determinare quale sia il framework più adatto al nostro progetto.

In questa presentazione, esploreremo i pro e i contro dei framework JavaScript più popolari, costruendo la stessa applicazione con diversi framework. Confrontando il codice e la performance di ciascun framework, potremo avere una migliore comprensione di quale framework sia il più adatto per un particolare tipo di applicazione.

Inizieremo presentando l'applicazione che costruiremo e successivamente esploreremo il processo di costruzione dell'applicazione con diversi framework, tra cui React, Angular e Vue. Analizzeremo le differenze nella sintassi, nell'architettura e nella complessità del codice, e discuteremo i punti di forza e di debolezza di ciascun framework. Infine, confronteremo la developer experience di ciascun framework.

Che tu sia uno sviluppatore nuovo ai framework JavaScript o uno sviluppatore esperto che vuole confrontare i diversi framework, questa presentazione fornirà preziosi insights sui pro e i contro di ogni framework.

WebAssembly: The Next Frontier of Cloud Computing en it

In this talk, we will explore how WebAssembly (Wasm) is poised to become a major player in the future of cloud computing. Wasm is a binary format that can be compiled from many different languages and run on a variety of operating systems and architectures. Its near-native performance, portability, and security make it an ideal solution for addressing the challenges of distributed application development, deployment, and maintenance.

One of the fastest-growing Cloud Native trends is the adoption of Wasm, with projects such as Docker+Wasm (now in Beta) launched with a partnership between Docker and the CNCF’s Wasm runtime WasmEdge. Wasm's efficiency and speed make it ideal for on-demand scaling, while its sandboxed environment and deny-by-default approach to granting access to capabilities provide enhanced safety and security.

In this talk, we will delve into the key value propositions offered by Wasm and how it can help address the challenges posed by CPU diversity, multiple operating environments, security concerns, distributed application architecture, and scalability.

The talk will start with an introduction to WebAssembly and its relevance to cloud computing. I will discuss the growing adoption of Wasm in the cloud native community and the partnership between Docker and the CNCF’s Wasm runtime WasmEdge. I will delve into the key benefits offered by Wasm and provide examples of how it is being used in the cloud native space. Finally, I will summarize the main points of the talk and provide some final thoughts on the future of Wasm in cloud computing.

“Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”

WebAssembly: The Next Frontier of Cloud Computing en it

In questo talk, esploreremo come WebAssembly (Wasm) sia destinato a diventare un protagonista importante nel futuro del cloud computing. Wasm è un formato binario che può essere compilato da molti linguaggi di programmazioni diversi ed eseguito su una varietà di sistemi operativi e architetture. Le sue prestazioni quasi native, la portabilità e la sicurezza lo rendono una soluzione ideale per affrontare le sfide dello sviluppo, del deployment e della manutenzione di applicazioni distribuite.

Una delle tendenze Cloud Native in più rapida crescita è l’adozione di Wasm, con progetti come Docker+Wasm (ora in Beta) lanciati con una partnership tra Docker e il runtime Wasm del CNCF, WasmEdge. L’efficienza e la velocità di Wasm lo rendono ideale per lo scaling on-demand, mentre il suo ambiente sandboxed e l’approccio deny-by-default all’accesso alle funzionalità offrono una maggiore sicurezza.

In questo talk, approfondiremo le key features offerte da Wasm e come può aiutare a risolvere le sfide poste dalle diverse CPU, dai diversi ambienti operativi, le preoccupazioni per la sicurezza, l’architettura delle applicazioni distribuite e la scalabilità.

Il talk inizierà con un’introduzione su WebAssembly e la sua rilevanza per il cloud computing. Discuterò della crescente adozione di Wasm nella comunità cloud native e della partnership tra Docker e il runtime Wasm del CNCF, WasmEdge. Approfondirò i principali vantaggi offerti da Wasm e fornirò esempi di come viene utilizzato nello spazio cloud native. Infine, riassumerò i punti principali del discorso e fornirò alcune riflessioni finali sul futuro di Wasm nel cloud computing.

“Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”

Testing web apps with Cypress in CI en

The Test Pyramid should be a well-known metaphor of grouping tests in buckets, with unit tests at the base and E2E at the top. But this concept has led over the years to invest heavily in the former and often ignore the latter, while a good end-to-end test suite is what saves the day in difficult times. In this talk I'll explain what Cypress is, how to best integrate it with a web app, and how to configure it in a CI/CD pipeline on GitHub.

The perfect CI/CD React Native pipeline with Fastlane en

React Native is a powerful framework for building mobile, desktop and even web applications, and with its CLI you can run a development version of a mobile app in an emulator or connected physical device almost with zero conf. Unfortunately, when you want to build and deploy for production, deal with code signing, certificates and keys, and share the development process across your team, it doesn’t offer a solution out of the box, and you still need to use platform-specific IDEs like Xcode and Android Studio.

But there’s an open source tool that fills this gap and provides a complete automation for the whole process, starting from the development build to the signed production bundle: Fastlane.

In this talk I will show you our Fastlane setup that lets us operate on cross-platform React Native projects as a team, integrate the CI/CD with GitHub Actions, and do almost everything from the CLI.

Devfest Alps 2023

December 2023 Turin, Italy

Devfest Pescara 2023

November 2023 Pescara, Italy

reactjsday 2023

React vs Rest of the World

A technical comparative between react approaches and patterns and other frontend frameworks

October 2023 Verona, Italy

containerday 2023

My session: WebAssembly: The Next Frontier of Cloud Computing

containerday is the leading Italian conference dedicated exclusively to containerization and virtualization technologies and associated best practices.

October 2023 Bologna, Italy

Come to Code

Clash of JS: the same app built with different JavaScript frameworks

September 2023 Pignola, Italy

React JS Milano Meetup

Testing web apps with Cypress

June 2023 Milan, Italy

WMF - We Make Future 2023

DevRel program, strategy and KPIs in a service company

June 2023 Rimini, Italy

Web Day 2023

March 2023 Milan, Italy


angularday 2022 is the 6th edition of the Italian angular conference, organized by GrUSP, organizers of events like phpday and jsday.

My session: https://2022.angularday.it/talks_speakers/#testing_cypress

October 2022 Verona, Italy

Edoardo Dusi

Developer Relations Engineer @ SparkFabrik

Bologna, Italy