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Eduard Keilholz

Eduard Keilholz

Team Lead & Solution Architect at 4DotNet | Azure MVP

The Hague, The Netherlands


Eduard is a Cloud Solution Architect at 4DotNet (The Netherlands). He likes to help customers with implementing and experiencing cloud technologies. He likes to create highly performant software and help team members reach a higher skill level of software development. He focusses is on the Microsoft development stack, mainly C# and the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and has a strong affinity with Angular. He enjoys speaking at (inter)national conferences and contributing to community events. In 2020, Microsoft has recognized these community activities with the Microsoft MVP Award for Azure.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Media & Information


  • Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • C#
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Networking
  • .NET
  • C#.Net
  • Container and Kubernetes security
  • Azure
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
  • Azure App Service
  • Software
  • Software Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Deveopment
  • Business Software
  • Enterprise Software

Microservices Orchestration with Azure Container Apps

Explore the transformative potential of microservices architecture on Azure Container Apps in this engaging session. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of designing, deploying, and managing microservices-based applications, leveraging the power of Azure's containerization solutions.

During this session, I will guide you through the key principles of microservices and demonstrate how Azure Container Apps streamlines the development and deployment process. Learn best practices for breaking down monolithic applications into smaller, manageable services and witness the benefits of increased scalability, improved fault isolation, and enhanced agility.

Discover the robust features of Azure Container Apps, such as seamless integration with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Container Registry. Gain insights into monitoring, scaling, and troubleshooting microservices in a containerized environment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a cloud enthusiast, this session promises valuable insights and practical knowledge to empower you in adopting microservices on Azure Container Apps. Unlock the potential of a scalable, resilient, and agile application architecture, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of modern cloud computing.

Fast Track to Game Development: Create a 3D Racing Game in 45 Minutes

In this hands-on session, I will create a 3D racing game from scratch. I will demonstrate the fundamentals of game development, add physics to the car and environment, and show how to control the car.

By the end of the session, attendees will have a basic understanding of game development with Unity, a popular game development engine. This session is perfect for beginners or anyone interested in game development. No prior experience is required. The session is presented from the perspective of a C# developer.

Workshop: Functions with DevOps - Get in production in one day

During this workshop, you will create an event-driven service with Azure Functions and deploy that service automatically using Azure DevOps pipelines and Azure Bicep. During the morning, I will explain what Azure Functions are and when to use Azure Functions and we will create an operational functions project. After lunch, I will explain the DevOps part of the deployment process and deploy the Azure Functions project created in the morning automatically using Azure DevOps pipelines and Infrastructure as Code with Bicep.

Attendees of this workshop must have an Azure DevOps account with enough permissions to create projects and pipelines and change organization and project settings.
They must also have access to an Azure subscription with enough permission to create service principals and change permissions and roles.

ARM yourself with Bicep

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, the ability to efficiently deploy and manage infrastructure is key to completing a true DevOps cycle. Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud platform, has introduced Bicep, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) language that streamlines and enhances the process of defining and deploying Azure resources.

This session aims to delve into the intricacies of Bicep, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of its features, advantages, and real-world applications. We will explore the evolution of Bicep from its predecessors, examining how it addresses the challenges faced by developers and operations teams in managing infrastructure on Azure.

Get an introduction to BICEP, learn the differences between ARM templates and BICEP. Learn how to incorporate BICEP in your CI/CD pipelines and processes and how to leverage its power.

Forget SignalR! Start working real-time with Azure Web PubSub

In the dynamic landscape of real-time communication, Azure Web PubSub emerges as a game-changer, offering a robust and scalable solution for building interactive and collaborative applications. This conference session aims to explore the capabilities of Azure Web PubSub, comparing it with its cousin, SignalR, and highlighting scenarios where it excels.

By the end of this session, participants will have a deep understanding of Azure Web PubSub's capabilities, differentiating factors from SignalR, and the strategic advantages it brings to real-time communication scenarios. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to real-time communication services on Azure, this session promises to equip you with the knowledge to elevate your applications to new heights of interactivity and responsiveness.

This session shows real-time communication between a C#.NET backend and an Angular SPA front-end application. I will demonstrate some basic features, and dig into Web PubSub's true possibilities with advanced scenarios.

Kubernetes made easy - Getting the hang of Azure Container Apps

Containers are taking over! And it is time to get yourself familiar with containers and containerization of your software systems. The learning curve for Kubernetes is fairly high making hosting and maintenance complicated. The new Azure service called Container Apps, runs Kubernetes for you with a unique, and easy to use abstraction layer between you, and Kubernetes. Get the hang of Container Apps and learn how to spin up your first containers during this session.

Azure Networking - A love story between a Hub and a Spoke

Join my session on Azure Networking as we explore the creation of virtual networks, VPN connections, and network peering. This hands-on session will guide you through the process of building virtual networks and establishing secure connections. Learn how to configure VPN gateways, for seamless connectivity between on-premises networks and Azure virtual networks. Discover the power of network peering to connect virtual networks within Azure and enable secure communication across different network boundaries. Gain practical skills and knowledge to enhance your Azure Networking projects and unlock the true potential of cloud networking.

Advanced Azure Container Apps - By Example

Discover the world of Azure Container Apps. During this session, where we'll illustrate the concept using a URL minifier example. From grasping the core containerization principles and their advantages to exploring dynamic scaling with KEDA integration, and harnessing the potential of Azure Container Apps Jobs for orchestrating batch tasks, this session will provide a comprehensive understanding of modern application deployment. Join me in unraveling the synergy of containerization, scaling strategies, and job management, empowering you to create efficient and robust applications in the Azure ecosystem.

This is a demo-heavy session about Azure Container Apps where we will slowly work to a fully working URL minifier. This minifier uses the full potential of Azure Container Apps like scaling using HTTP traffic and using KEDA, but also event-driven background tasks and scheduled jobs using Azure Container Apps Jobs.

Cloud Patterns to the rescue

Designing software for the cloud can be quite similar to on-premises solutions. However, when running software systems in the cloud you will run into issues you never ran into on-premises. During this session, I show common pitfalls and key differences between the two. Following this session will make you write better cloud-native, robust and resilient code

Learn how to use cloud design patterns to dodge common pitfalls. I will guide you through the solution and show you how to create highly performant, scalable software systems.

Leverage the power of Redux in Angular

Angular is one of the most popular front-end solutions nowadays. But how do you manage streams of events and data if your system grows to a larger scale? I will teach you how to organize your project and control actions and data in your project, using the Redux for Angular (ngrx)

An introduction to ngrx (Redux for Angular). Why do you want to use Redux? Why is is so powerfull? How does it work? And demos...

Getting real-time insights from your serverless solution

The SignalR real-time framework has been there for ages, but how do you connect to services as volatile like Azure Functions?
In my session, I will show you how to create a SignalR service, send messages to the SignalR service and handle events on a connected SPA application.

This session will show the basics of Azure Functions and how to connect them to the Azure SignalR Service. I will also show you how my Angular application is connecting to this SignalR service and responds to events as they get sent from the Azure Functions.

Deploy your API secured, with a DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline

This talk will take you through all the bits and pieces needed to deploy an ASP.NET Core Web API with DevSecOps. The infrastructure is deployed using ARM Templates and I will show you a secure and safe way to use and read values from the KeyVault keeping all your secrets safe.

This talk is all about DevOps and CI/CD. I will build an ASP.NET WebApi from scratch, provision the entire infrastructure, and configure the services in Azure leaving attendants with a full working deployable system, and access to the GitHub repo with all the sources. All the secrets are stored in KeyVault and referenced using KeyVault References. This talk is a real eye-opener for those who don’t have their pipelines fully under control.

The new Hello World, Serverless and distributed

It's the modern Hello World app, a link shortener.
This session is about the infrastructure, architecture, and technical approach used writing this solution. It covers messaging using the Event Hub and creating a custom input binding for validating JWT Tokens.
During this session, I will demonstrate the project and point out key factors making this solution a highly scalable yet straightforward serverless system.

Future Tech 2024 Sessionize Event

April 2024 Utrecht, The Netherlands

CloudBrew 2023 - A two-day Microsoft Azure event Sessionize Event

December 2023 Mechelen, Belgium

Dev-Cloud Conference '23 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Köln, Germany

Update Conference Prague 2023 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Prague, Czechia

NIC Cloud Connect 2023 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Oslo, Norway

Techorama Netherlands 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023 Utrecht, The Netherlands

devCampNoord Sessionize Event

April 2023 Groningen, The Netherlands

Virtual Azure Community Day Sessionize Event

January 2023

Update Conference Prague 2022 Sessionize Event

November 2022 Prague, Czechia

Techorama Netherlands 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Developer Week '22 Sessionize Event

July 2022 Nürnberg, Germany

Future Tech 2022 Sessionize Event

June 2022 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Scottish Summit 2022 Sessionize Event

June 2022 Glasgow, United Kingdom

NIC X Edition Sessionize Event

June 2022 Oslo, Norway

DotNetFriday User group Sessionize Event

April 2022 Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Cloud Takeaways User group Sessionize Event

March 2022

Virtual Azure Community Day Sessionize Event

March 2020

MoveUp with 4DotNet - Azure

March 2020 Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

AzureDay Poland

The SignalR real-time framework has been there for ages, but how do you connect to services as volatile like Azure Functions?
In my session, I will show you how to create a SignalR service, send messages to the SignalR service and handle events on a connected SPA application.

March 2020 Warsaw, Poland

Techorama NL 2019

Hosted my session 'Cloud patterns to the rescue' here

October 2019 Ede, The Netherlands


Hosted my session ' Cloud Patterns to the rescue' here

June 2019

Eduard Keilholz

Team Lead & Solution Architect at 4DotNet | Azure MVP

The Hague, The Netherlands


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