Eduardo Roth

Eduardo Roth

Senior Software Engineer @ HeroDevs

Ingeniero de Software Senior @ HeroDevs

Monterrey, Mexico


Eduardo is a Senior Software Engineer working at HeroDevs and living in Monterrey, Mexico. Husband, father of three beautiful daughters, loves everything Angular, Ionic and Web related. He contributes frequently to the OSS community, and is also a co-organizer of the Spanish chapter of the Angular Community Meetup, a co-organizer of the Google Developer Group Monterrey, the organizer of the Ionic Monterey Meetup; an Ionic Developer Expert, an ngChampion, and in the road to become an Angular GDE.

Eduardo es un Ingeniero de Software Senior trabajando en HeroDevs y viviendo en Monterrey, México. Esposo, padre de tres hermosas hijas, ama todo lo relacionado con Angular, Ionic y Web. Contribuye frecuentemente a la comunidad Open Source, y también es co-organizador de la edición en español del Angular Community Meetup, co-organizador del Google Developer Group Monterrey, organizador del Meetup de Ionic Monterrey, un Ionic Developer Expert, un ngChampion y en camino a convertirse en un Google Developer Expert en Angular.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Angular
  • Enterprise Apps With Angular
  • Ionic
  • Ionic Framework
  • Capacitor
  • AngularJS

Going mobile with AnalogJS + Ionic Framework + Capacitor

You probably have heard of AnalogJS, the Angular meta-framework that not only allows you to mix file based routing but integrates Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Static Site Generation (SSG) to your Angular applications easily. But have you wondered if you could harness all of AnalogJS power and merge it with Ionic Framework and Capacitor ability to create mobile applications?

Join this session to see how it's done!

Angular w/ Signals

We are in the Angular renaissance. With the release of Angular v15 and v16, so many simplifying features are coming out to make Angular easier to use, while still being a go-to option for large organizations. One of the new changes in v16 is the integration with Signals. Signals represent an new way to program reactively within your Angular app. Where we once used RxJS to harness reactive Angular, now Signals allow us to have a potentially simpler reactive model in our components.

Come and learn how to write Angular without RxJS.

Background tasks with Ionic and Capacitor

Learn how to implement background tasks on your Ionic apps with Capacitor.

Angular Signals: are we saying goodbye to RxJS?

We'll talk about Angular Signals, the new reactive primitive from Angular, how it works and we'll talk what this mean for RXJS.

Ioniconf 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023 Austin, Texas, United States

UtahJS Conf 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023 Sandy, Utah, United States

Eduardo Roth

Senior Software Engineer @ HeroDevs

Monterrey, Mexico


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