Eduardo Kieling

Eduardo Kieling

Microsoft Azure MVP from Brazil

Madrid, Spain

Microsoft Azure MVP from Brazil, master's in applied computing and bachelor's in computer science, Eduardo Kieling is an expert in IT infrastructure with emphasis on Cloud Computing, with extensive experience in the international market and working in several companies. Eduardo is also one of the leaders and founders of the "AzureRS" community (Technical Community of Brazil).


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud Security
  • Azure
  • Cloud Computing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Security
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure IaaS
  • Azure PaaS
  • Cloud Native
  • Cloud Automation
  • Cloud Technology

Building reusable AKS environments with Terraform and Azure DevOps

In this session you will see how to reuse your environment in AKS with Terraform and Azure DevOps.

Getting to Know Azure Chaos Studio

How to improve application resiliency with chaotic testing by deliberately introducing failures that simulate real-world failures.

How to build a Disaster and Recovery scenario with your Azure Virtual Desktop

In this session we will see how to configure a complete disaster recovery plan for your Azure Virtual Desktop, preserving customer metadata and profile files during outages.

Getting to Know Azure Route Server

Overview of some of the market tools for automating your end-to-end application deployment.

SAP on Azure - Continuous Threat Monitoring

Using Azure Sentinel in a threat monitoring approach in SAP environments on Microsoft Azure.

Using AQUA Security in Azure DevOps Pipeline

how we can use Aqua Security to do security assessment in container images amd registry.

Strategies for migrating SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure

In this session we will look at what are the Best Practices / Strategies for moving your SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure and what are the challenges.

Eduardo Kieling

Microsoft Azure MVP from Brazil

Madrid, Spain