Edin Kapić

Information & Communications Technology

M365 Azure Visual Studio SPFx

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Edin Kapić

Software Craftsman and Lead

Edin Kapic is a Lead Software Engineer working for Vista in Barcelona (Catalonia). SharePoint MVP since 2013, he is also a co-founder and president of the Catalan SharePoint User Group (SUG.CAT). He also writes and speaks about SharePoint in numerous publications and events. When he has some free time, he enjoys sailing and reading.

He is a hardcore development guy but he also enjoys bridging the gap between business and technology. One of his initiatives is to empower technical people in the soft skills that are extremely valuable but seldom taught.

Current sessions

Why You Should (Not) Probably Care about Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is the new buzzword for the future of computing, together with Big Data and Quantum Computing. But, what is it? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Finally, why should you care (or not) for ML in your collaboration technology stack?

In this marketing-free session you will get an overview of the ML and the major technology vendors, with heavy accent on Microsoft and Azure ML offerings. Also, as a technical person (developer, administrator or IT manager) you will get a rough idea of the solution pieces, infrastructure and languages. After the session, you will have a clearer picture and you'll be able to assess whether you should invest in ML in your own area of responsibility.

Habla más idiomas: persistencia políglota en Azure

La persistencia políglota (Polyglot Persistance) es la estrategia de utilizar en una misma aplicación varios sistemas de almacenamiento de datos, desde la clásica base de datos relacional pasando por modelos NoSQL hasta llegar a bases de datos de grafos.
Aprende cuando utilizar cada uno de estos modelos y que opciones tienes en Azure para ellos. Si muchas veces has estado rompiéndote la cabeza para cuadrar unos datos a una estructura predefinida, te aseguro que esta sesión será liberadora.