Eldert Grootenboer

Eldert Grootenboer

Senior Program Manager @Microsoft | #Azure Service Bus | Former #Azure MVP | Community Enthousiast

Vancouver, Canada

Eldert is always enthusiastic about embarking on new journeys with the Cloud, and Azure in particular. He is very passionate about growing his dreams and teams, and goes above and beyond to help those with the same spark. Eldert comes from a background as a cloud solution architect and Technology Lead, was an Azure MVP for 5 consecutive years, and is now working as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for Azure Service Bus. In these roles he has demonstrated experience in building and maintaining relationships at all levels.

Always having a smile on his face, Eldert can be found delivering noteworthy sessions at in-person conferences, meetups, and online platforms. He values sharing and spreading knowledge while building genuine connections regardless of background and expertise. His goal is to bring people closer and work together to influence the outcome and optimize the future of Cloud technologies.

Apart from public speaking, Eldert shows his passion for being involved with the community in other ways as well. As such, he can often be found doing mentoring, organizing conferences and meetups, blogging, writing, and more. He loves telling about his journey and hearing other people’s stories. When meeting people he always looks forward to getting to know about their passions and how he can help them.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Service Bus
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Azure
  • Messaging

The latest and greatest from Azure Service Bus

As the program manager of Azure Service Bus, it is always amazing to share the latest developments of our service. It allows us get direct feedback from the community, and ensures that we are building the right product for your scenarios.

In this session we will have a look at recently delivered features, and what we are currently working on. You will get a chance to hear all about these latest developments, how we are building them, and why we made certain choices.

And who knows, we might even have a look at what is coming up on the roadmap! This will be your chance to see what is coming in the next months, and give your feedback which will help us give shape to these features.

This is a constantly changing session as we bring out new features, so no session will ever be the same twice.

Going decoupled; why do we need messaging?

Have you ever wondered why you should implement a messaging strategy in your solutions, or when you should introduce this? As a Program Manager for Service Bus, this is a question I get asked frequently by our customers. It is true that implementing a messaging strategy can bring its own challenges. However, if implemented correctly, it will help you solve a myriad of architectural challenges.

In this session we will dive into the reasons of when and why we should use a messaging strategy, as well as the different types of messaging we can distinguish. You will learn about different patterns which will help solve various architectural challenges, and how to implement these using Azure.

This session will empower you, by giving a better understanding when to implement messaging in your solutions, and how to can identify patterns where this will help. The concepts from this session are not product specific and can be applied to most messaging services, although we will use the Azure services to explain most of them.

Empower your Azure IaC with Bicep!

We all love to use Infrastructure as Code to roll out our Azure environments, however setting this up using ARM templates can sometimes be cumbersome. Wouldn't it be great if we could write our IaC templates in a more programming-like language instead? This is where Bicep comes in; a new Domain Specific Language created especially for this. Using this new language makes setting up our templates even more straightforward and powerful.

In this session, you will learn all about Bicep, and its various capabilities. Find out how to write your scripts, which constructs are available, the tooling to use, and how to re-use your templates. After this session, you will have a good understanding of the Bicep language and its advantages to your work. And of course, this is all explained using interesting real-life samples with appealing demo's.

Migrating your messaging workloads to the Cloud with Azure Service Bus

Still running messaging workloads on your own IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS, JBoss A-MQ or another JMS 2.0 broker infrastructure? If so, a lot of your time probably goes into operations, maintenance, and license management, instead of focusing on bringing value to the business. Wouldn't it be great if we could simply move these workloads to a fully managed PaaS service, immediately modernizing our solutions with minimal effort?

With the JMS 2.0 capabilities of Service Bus it is now possible to switch your workloads to take full advantage of the power of the Cloud, while using your existing tooling and systems. By leveraging these capabilities you can focus on building the right solutions, without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Whether your systems live on-premises, or in the Cloud, we can easily connect them, just by changing a connection string. And with that, we can now take advantage of all the opportunities which Azure offers us, like flexible scaling, high redundancy, all that with a cost efficient model.

Don't put your messages in a bottle; Implement messaging patterns

When building enterprise solutions, messages are the heart of our communication. They convey commands and data between various systems and ensure that we can work in a decoupled, scalable, and distributed manner. Our messages represent value, so we can't just slip them in a bottle, toss them into the ocean, and hope they arrive at their destination. Instead, we need a messaging backbone that can provide resilience and stability. Therefore, we implement proven messaging patterns, to ensure they are handled with the care they deserve.

In this session we will have a look at Azure Service Bus, and what role it takes in such designs. Through various demos, we will showcase its implementation with a wide variety of messaging patterns. As a result we come to understand how secure and reliable communication help us solve complex messaging challenges.

Come and learn about handling transactions involving different systems, implementing data consistency across them, and controlling intermittent and critical failures.

Implementing an Event Sourcing strategy on Azure

In recent years the Event Sourcing pattern has become increasingly popular. By storing a history of events, it enables us to decouple the storage of data from the implementation of the logic around it. And we can rebuild the state of our data to any point in time, giving us a wide range of opportunities around auditing and compensation.

In this demo-heavy session you will learn how we can use various Azure services such as Event Hubs, Event Grid, and Service Bus to process and store these events to build our own event store based on Cosmos DB. Moreover, we will also dive into options around connecting to other Azure services and even Kafka applications to easily implement this popular pattern in our own solutions.

This session introduces us to the basics of the Event Sourcing pattern, after which we dive into the options which Azure Event Hubs provides us to implement this. Expect an interactive session with demo's and best practices, and how to leverage the power of Azure to create even better solutions.

Securing Azure Service Bus for the Enterprise

Your messages represent value, so you want to ensure they are secure from attackers and prying eyes. But how can you make sure that we only allow systems that we trust to reach Service Bus? How do we guarantee that these messages are encrypted? And how to assure that only authenticated users and applications can communicate with their own queues, topics, and subscriptions?

In this session you will learn all about the various security mechanisms which Service Bus provides, and how you can leverage them to keep your messages secure. We will dive into a variety of topics, such as the differences between using Shared Access Signatures and Azure Active Directory, setting up the right level of network security, and leveraging encryption of your messages, both during transport and while they are being stored.

You should not have to worry about your message security, but instead focus on bringing value to your solutions. After attending this session you will know exactly how to secure your messages and when to leverage specific security mechanisms.

Integration beyond point to point; Implementing integration patterns using Azure

Connecting systems is easy, we just let everything talk to each other! That is, until we actually start growing our environment, and all of a sudden we have ended up with everything communicating with each other, and having lost all overview.

Instead, we should think about how we can set up a controlled integration platform, which allow us to easily bring in new systems and phase out old ones. A platform which provides us insights into the communication happening, and manipulate the messages flowing through as needed. And which provides us with the capabilities to re-use our logic and connectivity.

In this session we will have a look at various integration patterns, and how we can implement these on Azure. Expect a session which will dig deep into the Azure Integration Services, combined with other PaaS and serverless components to make our integration life a lot easier.

Expect a session full of real-life customer stories, demo's and lessons learned. We will use Azure to implement a variety of the Enterprise Integration Patterns as described by Gregor Hohpe.

Impactful mentorship - 2 sides of a story

When starting to engage with the community, it can be hard to find your own way. There is a lot of information around conferences, giving presentations, setting up blogs, and much more. However, initially we might not know where to start, and where to find the right places to convey our story. This is where those who have been around in the community can really help by providing mentorship.

In this session Olena will tell about her experiences as a new speaker, and how having a mentor has helped her on this journey. Additionally, Eldert will share which insights he has gained by being a mentor.

Come join this session if you want to know more about starting on your own path, whether you are new in the community, or want to find out how you can give back more.

If this session gets selected, please also include one of Eldert's technical sessions. This is so I can justify T&E costs / time out of office with my manager.

Azure's Integration Platform: Building Serverless Applications

Azure provides us with the perfect toolkit of serverless components to build powerful cloud solutions. We have Azure Functions to run our custom code, Logic Apps for our workflows and easy integration, API Management for securing our data and processes, and finally Service Bus for our messaging needs. And all this truly serverless, meaning highly available, dynamic scale and allowing us to focus on logic instead of infrastructure.

In this session you will learn how to combine these services to create powerful scenarios, with minimal effort. Come and see how easy it is to get started, while still gaining a lot of possibilities.

A Guide Through The Azure Messaging Services

Almost any solution we build will have some sort of messaging in their architecture. But how do we choose what type of messaging we need? From messages to events, from streams to publish and subscribe, the options seem overwhelming. In this session we will dive into the various types of messaging, and which services we can leverage in Azure to implement them. Once finished, you the world of messaging is at your feet, and you will be able to counter any type of messaging which comes on your path.

Looking at the Azure messaging space, we can be overwhelmed with the many choices available. From Event Hubs to Event Grid, from Service Bus to Storage Queues, which should I use, and which need to be avoided for our scenarios?
In this session we demystify these services, showing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Once finished, it will be clear when to use them, and what best practices to keep in mind.

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Speaker for session on IoT.

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Up close and personal with the Microsoft Integration Stack

Serverless integration and IoT session.

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Eldert Grootenboer

Senior Program Manager @Microsoft | #Azure Service Bus | Former #Azure MVP | Community Enthousiast

Vancouver, Canada