Elle O'Flaherty

Elle O'Flaherty

Speaker & CEO, Interlace Solutions Coaching

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States

Engaging and funny, performance strategist and workplace satisfaction leader Elle O'Flaherty delivers game-changing messages that interweave real-world examples and cutting-edge research. Elle's presentations are full of insights, highly interactive, and fun. She helps clients tailor their professional life to their unique brains, allowing their talents and genius to shine. Following a 17+ year legal career and certifications in ICF-accredited executive, ADHD, and career coaching, Elle founded Interlace Solutions, a coaching firm that taps into clients' potential to accelerate their achievement. Her team coaches executives, executive teams, and professionals with a subspecialty in ADHD coaching.

Elle is a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator who consistently draws large crowds. Her goal is for participants to walk away with meaty new learning for practical application. Elle has been published in national and international outlets and speaks on productivity, professional motivation, creating ADHD-friendly environments, and innovations to support mental health, among other topics. Elle is a subject matter expert on international agricultural trade, which doesn’t come up a lot. She lives in Washington, DC, with her dog Penny, the most beautiful dog in the world. And a great family, but the dog is hard to beat.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Government, Social Sector & Education
  • Agriculture, Food & Forestry
  • Law & Regulation
  • Media & Information


  • Productivity
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • adhd
  • Executive Coaching
  • executive function
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Leadership and Presentation Skills
  • performance
  • workplace culture
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  • Navigating Tech through a DEI lens
  • People Management
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Unlocking the Power of ADHD: Embrace Your Superpowers to Overcome ADHD Challenges

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a superpower that many people credit for their success. It is also hugely overrepresented in enterprise developers, and for good reason. The field is uniquely well-suited to your super-fast brain that is geared towards making connections to solve problems. Come learn how to unlock your brain's unique strengths and abilities, particularly creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. You will learn tools and strategies to maximize your potential and overcome common ADHD challenges. By understanding how to work with your brain, instead of against it, you will learn how to motivate yourself, be productive, and add the interest that fuels your mind.

Navigating Neurodiversity: Empowering Accountants to Excel with ADHD Clients

This insightful session will explore the unique dynamics of working with clients with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), enabling accountants to serve these sometimes challenging clients. Attendees will learn about ADHD, its effects on financial management skills, and innovative strategies for providing optimal service to these clients. By empowering accountants to cater to the specific needs of clients with ADHD, this session aims to give attendees the tools to understand neurodiversity and give them a safe space to get the financial help they often need.

Empowering Public Servants: AI-Driven Performance Enhancements in the Public Sector

In today's fast-paced and complex public sector environment, employee motivation, performance, and productivity are more critical than ever. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a revolutionary approach to overcoming common workplace challenges such as procrastination and overwhelm. This session delves into how AI can help public servants unlock their full potential. Discover practical AI tools and strategies that boost individual and team performance and meet the ethical obligations required in the public sector. Join us to equip your workforce with the AI-enabled tools they need to excel, enhancing government institutions' efficacy and responsiveness.

Learning Objectives:
Boost Motivation: Understand how staff can leverage AI to overcome procrastination and overwhelm, elevating their engagement and job satisfaction levels.

Enhance Performance: Learn evidence-based strategies and guidelines for leveraging AI to boost professional staff performance and productivity, allowing for more effective service delivery.

Implement Best Practices: Gain actionable steps to integrate AI tools that enhance employee performance while responsibly meeting ethical obligations in the public sector.

Embracing Your Weirdness: How Your Quirks and Idiosyncrasies Can Make You a Better Leader

Learning Objectives:
•Gain a better understanding of the importance of authenticity in building trust with teams and stakeholders.
•Identify and recognize your own quirks and idiosyncrasies as unique traits that can enhance your leadership and communication skills.
•Learn strategies to overcome reservations about embracing your quirks as a leader.
•Develop strategies to leverage your unique traits in your leadership role and with funders and stakeholders.

In this workshop, participants will explore the concept of "embracing your weirdness" and how it can enhance their leadership skills. They will learn that quirks and idiosyncrasies are unique traits that can be leveraged to their advantage and examine examples of successful leaders who embraced their uniqueness.

Participants will identify and share their own unique traits through a reflection exercise. They will brainstorm strategies for using these traits to enhance their leadership and funder and stakeholder outreach. They will discuss potential challenges or reservations they may have with embracing their quirks and learn strategies to overcome these challenges. The presentation will emphasize the importance of authenticity in building internal and external trust and encourage participants to continue learning and growing as leaders who embrace their idiosyncrasies. By the end of the presentation, participants will understand how embracing their weirdness will make them more effective leaders and the steps to take to let their authentic selves shine.

Unlocking the Power of ADHD: Embracing Neurodiversity in the IT Industry

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often seen as a liability in the workplace, yet the ADHD community is overrepresented in the information technology (IT) industry. Research shows that individuals with ADHD can bring unique strengths and abilities to the table, particularly in areas like creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. In this presentation, we will explore how embracing neurodiversity, including ADHD, can be a powerful tool for creating a more innovative and dynamic workplace culture in the IT industry. We will discuss the challenges that individuals with ADHD may face in the workplace and strategies for supporting and accommodating them to maximize their potential. By leveraging the strengths of neurodivergent individuals, we can create a workplace culture that is more inclusive, innovative, and successful for all.

Networking at This Conference: Build Connections and Advance Your Career Today (Literally)

Networking is a critical skill for anyone looking to advance their career, and conferences provide a unique opportunity to meet new people, learn about industry trends, and gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in your field. This presentation will provide practical tips and strategies for networking during this conference, including how to introduce yourself, ask questions, and follow up with new contacts. Attendees will start this conference with the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of their experience and build strong connections with industry professionals that can help them advance their careers.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the importance of networking at this conference and the benefits it can bring to their career growth and development.
- Learn different ways to network during this conference, including attending workshops and sessions, participating in networking events, and utilizing social media.
- Develop effective communication skills for networking, including introducing themselves, asking questions, and following up with new contacts.
- Learn how to build and maintain relationships with industry professionals they meet during this conference, including tips for staying in touch and offering value to others.
- Develop a personalized networking plan for this conference that aligns with their career goals and objectives that they can implement immediately.

Managing Up Like a Boss: The Art of Influencing and Leading Your Superiors

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the concept of managing up and why it is essential for career growth and success.
- Identify the skills and qualities required to lead from below, including influencing skills, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking.
- Develop strategies for building strong relationships with leadership and earning their trust and respect.
- Learn how to communicate effectively with superiors, including understanding their preferences and adapting your communication style accordingly.

In this webinar, participants will gain actionable strategies to build a strong relationship with their bosses and lead from below. An essential skill set for professionals in today's dynamic work environment. We will cover key topics related to managing up, such as understanding your boss's needs and preferences, learning to communicate effectively, building trust, and developing a positive working relationship with your superiors.

Participants will learn to leverage their strengths to communicate with their bosses effectively. They will also understand how to build a strong working relationship with their superiors by focusing on areas where they can add value to the organization. Attendees will learn practical strategies to manage expectations, prioritize tasks, and resolve conflicts.

This interactive webinar will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences with the group. Participants will walk away with the tools and confidence they need to manage up like a boss and achieve their professional goals.

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Networking at This Conference: Build Your Connections and Advance Your Career Today (Literally)

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Elle O'Flaherty

Speaker & CEO, Interlace Solutions Coaching

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States