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Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

Emeka Boris ama

Data Science Course Instructor at Simpliv and Datacamp

Data Scientist enthusiast, Co-Organiser of Pydata Port Harcourt and Team Lead at Port Harcourt School of Ai

Current sessions

The Intuition behind KNN Algorithm

At the end of this session you should understand the intuition behinfd KNN algortihm

7 steps you shouldnt take as a Data Scientist

I will give a talk to guide you on the mistake you shouldn't make as a Data Scientist and also a small workshop on building your first language detection model.

Building the Future Data Science Project with Azure Notebook

I will guide you through the important features you can find in azure notebook that can enable train your model successfully.

Exploring AZURE notebook as a Data Scientist

Azure Notebook is a free service for anyone to develop and run code in their browser using Jupyter. Jupyter is an open source project that enables combing markdown prose, executable code, and graphics onto a single canvas: A Jupyter notebook showing Python code, markdown, and interactive graphics.