Emmanuel Tissera

Emmanuel Tissera

Technical Director at Luminary Digital, Umbraco 3x MVP

Melbourne, Australia

Emmanuel works with some of the brightest minds in digital at Luminary helping developers and clients get their content management right. Prior to that, he was a tech lead for Emirates connecting customers to plane transponders. His 20+ years of professional experience began in an optimistic era when he tried to build his own CMS in an effort to beat the Goliaths at their game (spoiler, he didn’t).
Emmanuel is passionate about content localisation, content management systems, and content as a service. He will take any opportunity to shout about these topics from the rooftops. In his spare time, Emmanuel could be either found on a ladder repairing a mess of his own making or reading fiction by the fireplace.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • content localisation
  • content management systems
  • content as a service
  • headless cms
  • Internationalisation

MACH ado about the future

Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native and Headless are all allied to beat the Frankenstack. What does this mean for Umbraco and the future of Traditional CMS/DXP? How does this all tie in with the concept of composable DXP?
Your three takeaways:
- Understanding MACH
- Real-world MACH examples
- How to future-proof your Umbraco integrations

Rated H for Headless

Is your client or in-house Marketing team ready to use Umbraco Heartcore? Are they mature enough to use a Headless CMS?

Would their unique requirements be better served by a self-hosted Umbraco instance or Umbraco Cloud?

Find out how to rate the digital experience maturity of your client and to guide them to the best solution.

GILT or GUILT - Localisation Crimes

Have you committed the crime of not localising your website or app? Your English website caters to just 20% of the world's population. How do you cater to the six billion people who don’t speak English?

Globalisation, Internationalisation, Localisation and Translation (GILT) is here to stay and it’s time you knew what it meant for you.

This talk is for developers, designers and business peeps. On Umbraco 8 and on Umbraco Heartcore, this talk gives you the know-how. On earlier versions or bespoke software, this talk will be your guide.

Need to convince your boss that you need a localised site? This talk will give you the ammo you need.

First public delivery: Sydney Umbraco Meetup - 14 November 2019

The heads up on Headless

Are you ready to serve content to people’s watches, refrigerators and cars? By 2020, Gartner predicts there will be 26 Billion IOT devices connected to the internet. Many of these would need personalized content pushed to them.

Leverage your favourite tech to present content to your end-users using Content as a Service (CaaS) rather than being locked into the tech of monolithic Content Management Systems.

First public delivery: DDD Melbourne 2019 - 10 August 2019

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GILT - Globalisation, Internationalisation, Localisation, and Translation

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Emmanuel Tissera

Technical Director at Luminary Digital, Umbraco 3x MVP

Melbourne, Australia