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Engin Diri

Engin Diri


Heilbronn, Germany

Engin is a Senior Solutions Architect at Pulumi and has been in the IT industry for over 15 years.

He started as a Java backend developer and later migrated to the fronted development.

This is where he found his passion for CI/CD, Cloud technologies and in particular Kubernetes.

Engin is a very curious person and loves learning and testing new technologies.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Azure
  • AWS

Empowering Giants: Guide Your Enterprise with CNOE in Operational Tech Choices

The world of platform engineering is highly dynamic, with new technologies and tools emerging rapidly. For enterprises seeking to adopt these technologies, determining the best fit for their organization can be challenging. Any wrong decision could lead to significant financial and operational consequences.
The Cloud Native Operational Excellence (CNOE) working group developed the CNOE Framework to unite enterprises and provide a cohesive strategy and guidance. This framework assists large enterprises in making strategic operational technology decisions.
Join me as I introduce the basics of the CNOE Framework, and explore how participation can benefit your organization in overcoming challenges such as tool sprawl, technology compatibility, and the frequent changes in technology choices.

After this session, you will gain:
- An understanding of the CNOE Framework and its benefits.
- Insights into the reference implementation of the CNOE Framework.
- Contribute to the CNOE working group.

How to "Skynet" your Kubernetes Clusters with LocalAI

"The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate.", you might remember this quote from the Terminator 2 movie. And while we all thought that this is just a movie, it turns out that we are not that far away from this scenario. Ok, maybe not building an AI that will destroy humanity, but using an AI that will help us to interact with Kubernetes clusters. This talk will show you how LocalAI, an open-source project and an alternative to OpenAI, can help us "Skynet" our Kubernetes clusters by running LLMs models locally. This ensures that no confidential data is sent to the cloud maintaining a compliant and secure environment in highly regulated environments. An example architecture will be discussed, covering the delivery via GitOps and enabling use cases, such as k8sgpt and node-red.

Answering Management's Key Question: 'What's It Costing Us?' with Kubernetes & OpenCost

This talk aims to help you answer that question confidently with OpenCost, an open-source tool that offers real-time cost insights for Kubernetes clusters. I will provide a walkthrough on how to leverage OpenCost to accurately track the expenses associated with Kubernetes operations, down to specifics like the cost of a namespace or a deployment.

But why stop there? Understanding and managing Kubernetes costs is not just about answering management’s questions. It's also about creating efficient and cost-effective Kubernetes environments, something that is increasingly relevant as organizations scale their cloud-native technologies and architectures.

At the end of this talk, you will not only be equipped to answer the all-important cost question but also gain valuable insights into cost management strategies for your Kubernetes clusters.

K8s & meat: How we got Kubernetes into the Kaufland meat processing factories

Kubernetes, Kubernetes everywhere. Without any doubt, the adoption and usage of Kubernetes skyrocketed through the entire IT world. From tech-savvy startups, working on their next unicorn product, to conservative insurance companies increasing productivity and reducing time to market. It's hard to not see all the benefits Kubernetes creates to IT organization.

So it was a matter of time, that our very own business gave us the task: Bring Kubernetes to our production facilities, and start with the Kaufland meat processing factories.

In this talk, I want to share our one-year-long journey to accomplish this mission. Sharing all the mistakes and the successes we made during this huge project. From learnings about all the security and compliance requirements when working in the industrial area to enabling the platform and application teams. Of course, we will talk about all the technics we used like GitOps, Infrastructure as Code, Policy as Code and so on.

In short: k8s & meat, it's not always as tender as we thought it would.


Did you know that you can write Kubernetes deployments without using any YAML? No way, you say? After all, we were taught that YAML is the only way to write Kubernetes manifests.

Well, my friend, what if I tell you that there are alternatives? What if I tell you, that you can write your Kubernetes manifests in a programming language you're already familiar with?

In this talk, I will demonstrate several alternatives to YAML for writing your Kubernetes deployments. We will discuss the pros and cons of each alternative and how the use of development principles like DRY, KISS, and YAGNI can help you write better Kubernetes deployments.

From Cat to Lion: A Practical Guide to Building Secure, Large-Scale CI/CD Platforms with Tekton and

Enter the world of cloud-native CI/CD platforms with Tekton, the powerhouse of CI/CD for Kubernetes. This
beginner/intermediate-level tutorial aims to equip participants with the know-how to construct a secure, scalable, and efficient
CI/CD platform using Tekton and tools such as Kyverno, ArgoCD, and Kubevela.

Starting with a brief overview of the challenges in building CI/CD platforms on Kubernetes, we will delve into the key
features and benefits of Tekton. Participants will gain hands-on experience as I guide you through the step-by-step
construction of a CI/CD platform, integrating Kyverno, ArgoCD, and Kubevela for additional functionalities.

By the end of this session, participants will not only be familiar with Tekton and its ecosystem but also possess the
practical knowledge to tackle similar challenges in their own projects.

Demo Theater: Pulumi - Kickstarting Your Journey to Modern Infrastructure Automation

Pulumi stands as a beacon for organizations seeking to evolve their infrastructure through modern automation technologies, providing an advanced and comprehensive platform to manage cloud infrastructure efficiently. Together we delve into how Pulumi accelerates the adoption of infrastructure automation by allowing developers and platform engineers to define resources using programming languages they are already familiar with, such as Python, TypeScript, and Go. By focusing on the versatility, scalability, and reliability of Pulumi, we will illustrate how organizations can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on provisioning and managing infrastructure, mitigating risks, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

How To Build A Production Ready Kubernetes

Let's Build A Production Ready Kubernetes!

Our goal: Deploy a containerized full-stack (Golang & JavaScript) application to a Civo Kubernetes cluster, expose it to the internet and have a GitOps mechanism in place.

During the workshop, we will discover infrastructure as code (IaC) and create a Civo Kubernetes cluster using Pulumi as Infrastructure as code tool. In the second part of the workshop, we will talk about the fundamentals of GitOps and setup a GitOps pipeline using ArgoCD.

The workshop will add some stretch goals like secret management, monitoring, ingress controller and security.

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Engin Diri


Heilbronn, Germany

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