Eric Harding

Eric Harding

Partner at Blue Trading Systems

Eric is a software engineer with too many side projects. He started using F# so he get more done in less time -and- remember where he left off. Since then he has rolled out Fable/Elmish in production at Blue Trading Systems with great success.

Current sessions

Authoring React Components with Fable

Learn how to create a publishable npm package which exposes a react component which can be used from a plain javascript project. No Fable dependencies needed by the consumer.
This gives you:
* An easy, low risk, way to trial F#/Fable in your existing app
* A way to participate in the react community

Past and future events

Open F#

Developing a Fabulous Mobile App

Thursday, September 26 @ 15:00

This talk will start by covering the Elmish/MVU pattern and how you can leverage it along with F#'s domain modeling super powers to structure your mobile application. Then we'll talk about Fabulous and Xamarin Forms while we walk though a mobile prototype that I worked on for a local startup.
26 Sep - 27 Sep 2019
San Francisco, California, United States

Southern Fried F# 2019

13 Apr 2019
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

PDC 2009

Advanced WPF Application Performance Tuning
17 Sep - 19 Sep 2009
Los Angeles, California, United States