Eric Neunaber

Information & Communications Technology

Cloud Infrastructure as Code dotNet

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Eric Neunaber

World Wide Technology - Practice Manager - Cloud Architect

Eric is a Cloud Architect & Practice manager on the Multicloud team at World Wide Technology. Spent 20+ years slinging code, building great applications, now leading an amazing group of people and learning along the way.

Current sessions

Thinking of Events First

Apache Kafka was created to ingest large amounts of event data with low-latency ingestion. Which is great, but most of us don't have these requirements. However, it gave us another way to think about how we can solve our problems by popularizing data streaming. Kafka is the powerful technology behind many of today's products. The paradigm shift for most is learning to think about your data in terms of events first. We will go over some Kafka basics, some tools in the ecosystem, and some example architectures where Kafka can be used.

AWS: IoT Core + Lambda + DynamoDB = Webscale

Modernizing an application is easy. Modernizing an application to work globally and at scale, well it sounds hard but it might be easier than you think. In eight months our small team of seven (design, dev, & QA) went from a blank AWS account to a working product. The application needed to ingest IoT data from across the globe and needed to provide the ability for its users to make decisions within a matter of seconds. This talk will explain the architecture, the reasons we choose the services we used, and lessons we learned.

Infrastructure as Code using Terraform

Creating your infrastructure by hand is just plain wrong, you shouldn't do it. Manual deployments don't allow for repeatability, they encourage tribal knowledge, and they aren't documented. These are a few of the many reasons Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and other DevOps principles are popular. The nice part is the cloud providers recognize this and provide their own version of IaC. They work great, but they aren't perfect either. Terraform provides an abstraction on top of the cloud providers and a better experience. This talk will focus on Terraform basics and some examples.