Eric Steinberger

Information & Communications Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Vienna, Austria

Eric Steinberger

AI Researcher

Eric Steinberger is a 19 years old, self-taught AI expert and researcher. He wants to take part in the research that makes general superhuman AI become reality in a safe and beneficial way. This is why Eric started self-studying AI and Mathematics at the age of 15. At the age of just 18, he made his first experience working in AI research through a collaboration with the University of Luxembourg. He now works at the Technical University of Vienna, where he researches on AI and Robotics.

Current sessions

Artificial Intelligence - Introduction, Live Demo, The Future of AI

The first part of the talk is an introduction into the simplest form of a neural network: A Multi Layer Perceptron. After that, we are going to build and train one to classify the famous MNIST dataset of handwritten digits live, using Keras in Python. While the network trains, I will talk about the current state-of-the-art and the future of AI.

Preferred session duration: 45 minutes
Target audience: Everyone interested in AI