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Erick Wendel

Erick Wendel

Professional Educator | Google Dev Expert | Microsoft MVP | GitHub Star | Node.js core team member

São Paulo, Brazil


Erick Wendel is an active Node.js core committer, Keynote Speaker, and professional educator. He has given over 100 tech talks in more than 10 different countries worldwide. He was awarded as a Node.js Specialist with the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars awards. Erick Wendel has trained more than 100K people around the world in his own company


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • javascript
  • node
  • nodered
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • iot
  • JavaScriptCore
  • internet of things

Recreating ESLint from Scratch

Have you ever wondered how the most popular tools in the JavaScript ecosystem are built?

In this talk, you'll learn how ESLint works behind the scenes and all wizardry that makes one code analyzer so special

You'll learn cool concepts about the JavaScript interpreter and Abstract Syntax Tree to analyze code.

The key takeaways are:

- Abstract Syntax Tree
- How a code analyzer works
- Regex Replaces vs ASTs

The Secret to Processing Terabytes of Data in JavaScript


In this session, I'll reveal the power of Async Generators, Iterators, and Web Streams for efficient data processing.

Join me as we explore the art of on-demand data handling, applicable across diverse JavaScript environments.

Additionally, I'll demystify the strategies to keep JavaScript responsive during intensive data operations.


This talk delves into the principles of on-demand data handling, showcasing practical applications across various JavaScript settings.

Gain insights into the inner workings of JavaScript to maintain responsiveness during substantial data tasks.

- Simplify Data Tasks with Async Generators and Iterators
- Efficient Data Processing with Web Streams
- Adaptable Data Handling Across Environments
- Insights into JavaScript's Inner Workings
- Practical Examples for Effective Data Management

Let's recreate the Node.js test runner from scratch


In this session, we'll peel back the layers, unraveling the magic of test runners behind the scenes.

Join me as we recreate the Node.js test runner from scratch, providing insights into how Node.js utilizes asyncHooks, one of the most powerful APIs, to track async contexts and report errors.

Get ready for a hands-on exploration that will demystify the core functionalities of test runners.


Imagine understanding the inner workings of how your tests are executed. In this session, I'll go beyond the surface and rebuild a simpler version of the Node.js test runner, unveiling the power of asyncHooks.

Together, we'll explore how asyncHooks, one of the most potent APIs in Node.js, tracks async contexts and reports errors.

Follow along as I demonstrate step-by-step the process of recreating a test runner, providing valuable insights into the mechanisms that ensure the reliability of your tests.

- Understanding Test Runner Internals
- Power of asyncHooks
- Building a Test Runner from Scratch
- Error Reporting in Asynchronous Environments

Processing large amounts of data in the browser using Web Workers and Web Streams


Dive into the potent world of processing large amounts of data in your browser using Web Workers and Web Streams.

As a developer, I've seen the magic that JavaScript can bring to the table, especially when dealing with hefty data loads.

In this talk, I'll unravel the powerful features of Web Workers and Web Streams, exploring how they can harness the user's processing power to save costs and enhance the overall user experience.


Join me in exploring the capabilities of JavaScript in handling massive data sets directly within your browser in my talk, "Processing Large Amounts of Data with Web Workers and Web Streams."

Imagine a scenario where you can seamlessly process substantial data without freezing up the user's screen – that's the power we're unlocking.

In this session, I'll delve into the mighty features of Web Workers and Web Streams, showcasing their potential to efficiently crunch large datasets.

Discover how you can utilize your users' processing power, creating a smoother experience without breaking the bank.

- Harness Web Workers for Speed
- Efficient Data Streaming with Web Streams
- Cost-Efficient Data Processing
- Real-world Implementations
- Enhanced User Experience

Isomorphic JavaScript? Reusing JavaScript without any bundler


Embark on a journey into the world of Isomorphic JavaScript in my talk on creating Universal JavaScript Apps without the need for bundlers like webpack.

As a developer, I've explored the untapped potential of reusing JavaScript, crafting applications that transcend the limitations of traditional bundling tools.

In this session, I'll guide you through the art of leveraging ECMAScript modules and implementing robust design patterns to create true Universal JavaScript Apps.

Join me as we break free from bundlers and unlock the simplicity and power of reusable JavaScript code.


Imagine crafting Universal JavaScript Apps without the complexities of webpack or similar tools. We're diving into the magic of ECMAScript modules and embracing smart design patterns.

In this session, I'll unravel the secrets of Isomorphic JavaScript, demonstrating how to efficiently reuse code across different environments.

Discover the simplicity of creating applications that run seamlessly on both the server and the client.

Get ready for a paradigm shift in your approach to JavaScript development.

- Mastering ECMAScript Modules
- Design Patterns for Universal Apps
- Bundler-Free Development
- Efficient Server-Client Code Sharing
- Simplified JavaScript Development

Recreating UglifyJS From Scratch: Demystifying Code Minification and Source Map Generation


Unlock the secrets of code minification and source map generation in this talk, where you'll embark on a journey to recreate UglifyJS from scratch.

Delving into the intricacies of Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs), you'll unravel the inner workings of tools like webpack and UglifyJS.

Attendees will gain a profound understanding of these technologies, empowering them to craft their own code-generation tools.


In this engaging session, you'll explore the intricate process of recreating UglifyJS and delve into the fundamentals of code optimization.

I'll dissect UglifyJS, scrutinize its role in code minification, and create a simplified UglifyJS from scratch.

Additionally, I'll unveil the power of source maps, showcasing their benefits through a live demonstration.

As we venture beyond UglifyJS, you will survey the broader landscape of code generation tools, inspiring you to contribute to this ever-evolving field.


- Deep Understanding of ASTs: Grasp the role of Abstract Syntax Trees in code manipulation.
- Practical UglifyJS Creation: Gain hands-on experience through a step-by-step guide to recreating UglifyJS.
- Source Map Mastery: Learn the purpose and creation of source maps, enhancing code debugging.
- Empowerment for Innovation: Feel inspired to contribute to the dynamic landscape of code generation tools, armed with newfound knowledge.

WebXR? Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality natively on browsers


Dive into the exciting world of WebXR in my talk about bringing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) directly to web browsers. As a developer, I've seen how technology can spark creativity.

In this session, I'll introduce the A-Frame framework, showing how easy it is to create amazing and interactive experiences on the web.

This isn't just a tutorial; it's an invitation for you to break away from the ordinary and explore the endless possibilities of making engaging web applications.


Join us to explore the future of web development with our talk on "WebXR: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Directly on Browsers."

Imagine a world where immersive experiences go beyond regular applications, blurring the lines between the digital and physical seamlessly.

In this session, I'll uncover the A-Frame framework, simplifying the process of creating powerful web-based VR and AR applications.

Get ready for exciting demos as I unravel the ease and potential of A-Frame, inspiring you to unlock your creativity.

Prepare to enter a new era of development, where innovation has no limits!


- Get Started with WebXR Easily
- Understand A-Frame Basics
- Handle Space in Practice
- See Exciting A-Frame Demos
- Unleash Your Innovation

Erick Wendel

Professional Educator | Google Dev Expert | Microsoft MVP | GitHub Star | Node.js core team member

São Paulo, Brazil


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