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Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

Erik Svensen

Power BI MVP

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Leader of Power BI Usergroup Denmark - Huge Power BI fan and :-)

Current sessions

1 slide - 5 Power Queries challenges

This session will be packed with real worlds Power Query challenges I have had to solve during the last few years of wrestling with the M language and strange challenges.

I will take you through 5 different challenges where we will dig into the advanced editor and some of the less used functions in the M language.

We will look at parameters, functions, conditional steps and other tips and tricks that might also help you some day.

My goal will be to inspire you to dare to drill deeper into M/Power Query and know more about M's awesome possibilities

Power BI Paginated Reports - How to and why should I care

Power BI Report Builder is the tool to build paginated reports in Power BI and even though its a Power BI Premium feature - it could be a handy tool in your BI toolset that you should know about.

I will demo how you can build reports based on a Power BI dataset and how to parameterize the report.

I will also show how you can use paginated reports without having a Power BI premium capacity by using Power BI Embedded SKU's to create datadriven subscriptions.

Introduction to Power BI developers to develop Power Apps

As a Power BI Developer you are used to work with Power Query, data modelling, DAX and visuals.

In this session I will guide you into the world of Power Apps, and how you can use the skills of knowing about tables and records translate into building Power Apps.

We will look at the different objects/elements and controls in Power Apps and build an App that can update,add and/or edit data.

The session will give you a kickstart to also be able to master the development of Power Apps.

How can I integrate Open data into my Power BI model

A lot of public data is available for free via Open data portals. In this session I will show how you can access these data directly from Power BI and create a model that combines your sales data with for example the population count in the municipality for the location. We will look at how you create the DAX measures to create this

Tips and tricks for testing/validating/debugging your M & M's

In this session I will give you my tips and tricks to secure an easier way to debug, test and validate your queries in your datamodel. I will show how you can use parameters, lists and more to control how your queries dynamic and bulletproof when murphy's law kicks in.
OBS - The use of the user interface query editor will be limited so we will spend a lot of time in the advanced editor.

Power Query, Don't be afraid of the avanced editor

There is no reason to be afraid of the advanced editor in Power Query - you can do a lot more in here than the user interface exposes. This session will guide you through different examples of hidden functions and variables you can use in your data extraction and transformations using Power Query, and you will learn how to make your queries dynamic and flexible, and even include error handling, if something you didn't expect to happen actually does. You will leave the session with a good understanding of how powerful the language of Power Query actually is and how you can use it in your tool belt. The learnings can be used both in Power BI Desktop and Excel.

Capture Your Store Visit with PowerApps and analyze the effect in powerbi

n this session I will show you how we built a PowerApp where the store reps can document their store visits. In order to reduce the time to capture the information - we used the location awareness to find the store, the camera to capture images and the barcode scanner to identify the products. The data is then saved in Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL database ready for reporting and analysis in Power BI - and add a reminder to follow up on the visit using a flow.

The session will show you how you can benefit from using PowerApps to optimize the data collection and quality at the same time.

10 things you absolutely need to know about PowerQuery

PowerQuery is a very efficient tool to extract and transform data and is now spreading to other products in the PowerPlatform stack and even Azure Datafactory. It’s very easy to select the transformations via the interface but you can end up with a lot transformation steps that might have a negative effect on the performance and how errorproof your queries are.

In this session I will talk about 10 different things you must know about PowerQuery in order to ensure performance, reliability and ease of maintenance – and this knowledge can be used in all the places you use PowerQuery.

Kill the tables and make your report user happy

The transformation from Excel as a reporting tool to PowerBI shouldn’t end up with creating tables as your user might be used to have in Excel.

In this session I will demonstrate how we can motivate the users to have a happy switch between tables to visualization by using the different elements in PowerBI – such as charts, report tooltips and bookmarks – The goal of the session is to help you in the resistance you will meet when you start killing their good old tables and fill up your toolbox that can stand against that resistance.

PowerBI and PowerApps - update your budget from PowerBI and see the effect immediately

in the session I will demonstrate how you can use PowerApps within your PowerBI report and update your budget and see the effect instantly in your report. See how you build a datamodel using a combination of imported mode and direct query and use PowerApps within your report to update the budget and and the same time see the updated figures in your report right away.