Erik Hellman

Erik Hellman

Coffee driven developer

Erik has more than 20 years of experience working as a software developer in a wide range of different projects and companies. He currently works as a consultant in his own company (Hellman Software), is a member of the Google Developer Expert program, and can often be found at various developer conferences speaking about best practices for various software challenges.

Current sessions

Useful coroutine patterns for Android apps

Kotlin Coroutines is the latest effort in dealing with everything asynchronous when building Android applications. The difference this time is that it is useful beyond the classical asynchronous use cases, like network or database calls.

In this session we will go through a number of cases where coroutines can improve your Android code. From simple click-listeners, system callbacks, to more advanced handling of various events. We'll see how we with relatively little code can create smart extension functions that makes Android development less tedious.

Designing DSL with Kotlin

Domain Specific Languages is a powerful technique to simplify the task of implementing features that would otherwise require complex or boilerplate rich code. In this session we will look at how Kotlin provides a set of easy-to-use features that allows you to build efficient, clean and performant DSLs.
We'll see how to apply these for writing tests, dealing with concurrency, and reducing the boiler-plate that we otherwise neet to write frequently.
While this session will use Kotlin in all code samples, no pre-existing knowledge of the language is needed in order to attend.

Solving the multi-platform challenge from the bottom up

Most of the multi-platform solutions available today focus on the user interface, the very top layer, of the software architecture. While we already have multi-platform solutions that focus on the lower parts of the stack, they are usually quite complex (native C/C++) or compromise on things like type-safety or performance (JavaScript, etc.).
In this session we will look at how Kotlin Multi-Platform tries to solve this challenge in a way that avoids the traditional complexity of native C/C++ and at the same time retains the type safety and performance we want. The focus will be on building the foundation for applications targeting Android, iOS and the Web, but we'll also look at other aspects such as backend and embedded solutions provided by Kotlin.

Introduction to Kotlin for Cloud and Web

Kotlin is a modern language, suitable for everything from mobile apps to cloud computing. It combines many of the best features we expect from modern programming languages, while adding a number of unique solutions that solve many of the everyday problems we face when writing code. Beyond the JVM and Android, Kotlin code can target Javascript and native platform, enabling the language to cover all levels of a product stack.

This workshop will focus on how to build full-stack applications using Kotlin and deploying them in the cloud. In particular, we’ll cover these topics:
- Basics of the Kotlin programming language
- Ktor and Spring framework
- Serialization techniques
- Kotlin/JS and React
- Async tasks with coroutines
- Kotlin and Java interoperability

10+ years of Android APIs

The very first version of the Android SDK came out in September 2008. Since then we've seen many different APIs being introduced, and some being deprecated.

In this talk we will take a walk down the Android memory lane and reminisce about all the exciting, and sometimes less exciting, APIs we've been working with. After this talk we will hopefully feel more grateful about our tools we have today, and perhaps we can learn some new things as well.