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Erin Dempster

Erin Dempster

IT Data Operations Team Lead - Trean Corporation

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


Erin is currently the Data Operations Team Lead at Trean Corporation in Wayzata, MN, USA. In 2023, Erin was honored as a Microsoft MVP for Data Platform community activity. She has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years, both as a developer and a database administrator. Over the past several years, PowerShell and Azure have become areas of interest.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure SQL

Migrating DBA Network Skills to the Cloud

As a DBA, connecting to a database server on-premises is generally straightforward, especially in a company with a network infrastructure team. Over time, they have fine-tuned network configurations, so adding a new server works. Moving to a cloud environment, the network has to be rebuilt from the ground up, as the first servers are being stood up. Unexpected connection problems are bound to occur until the network configuration has been smoothed out.

Automating Azure Data Factory Deployments

This session will introduce the audience to patterns to deploy code between Azure Data Factory (ADF) environments. Using either Azure DevOps or GitHub to keep code safe is great, but it is limited to a single environment. Branching could be used to push code, but there can be problems with this pattern. Automating the process with either Azure Pipelines in Azure DevOps or Actions in GitHub will help ensure a more consistent approach is taken through environments beyond development. ADF pipelines may have scheduled triggers to start them, which creates special needs. This session will also show how to overcome triggers to successful deployments.

Data Protection Hors d'Oeuvres

SQL Server 2022 offers a number of ways to secure data within the database engine. Knowing which one(s) to use can be a challenge. This session will take a quick look multiple topics, including Always Encrypted, Ledger and Row Level Security, among others.

Introduction to Automated Deployments with Azure DevOps

Moving code from development to QA to UAT and eventually production can be a project in of itself. This is especially true when multiple projects might be across multiple repositories. Keeping track of the correct set of builds for a release can be challenging. With Azure DevOps, this challenge can be eliminated with pipelines. This session will step through the process to build and release multiple projects in the same pipeline. Opportunities for adding approvals will also be covered.

Automate Database Deployments with Azure DevOps

Deploying changes for a single database is easy on a team of 2 or 3. What happens when there are several databases being updated by a larger team, say five or more developers? Knowing which changes go together and which need to wait for a different release can be challenging.

With Visual Studio 2022, Azure Repos, and Azure Pipelines, code changes can be managed more easily, and deployments can be packaged and executed consistently. In this half-day talk, we'll use Visual Studio to make database changes and commit them to Azure Repos. Deployment to a test environment will be completed with Azure Pipelines. Besides deployments, there are other connections between Azure Repos and Pipelines that will be covered.

While there will NOT be hands-on lab opportunities, a PDF version of a reference guide will be provided to aid in understanding and setting up your environment after SQL Saturday.

Reduce Data Processing with PowerShell

This session is designed to help data analysts and developers manage the problem of one-off data formats that occur on a regular frequency. PowerShell is a very flexible scripting language, allowing developers and analysts (yes, developers and analysts - not just admins) to build powerful solutions with less effort than some other languages/processes. Pairing PowerShell with SQL Server provides another level of flexibility to develop repeatable, lightweight transformations. Through the use of multiple demos, common built-in cmdlets useful for analysts and developers will be shown. We'll also explore the PowerShell Gallery a couple useful modules, before expanding into ADO.Net classes to select, insert and update data in a SQL Server database.

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Erin Dempster

IT Data Operations Team Lead - Trean Corporation

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


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