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Fabio Franzini

Fabio Franzini

CEO Apvee Solutions, Business Applications & Microsoft 365 Development MVP

Verona, Italy

Fabio Franzini is the CEO of Apvee Solutions, a company specialising in providing cutting-edge software solutions for businesses based on the Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure.
In addition to his role at Apvee, Fabio is also a member of the Patterns and Practices (PnP) team, a Microsoft initiative to provide guidance and tools to developers building applications on the Microsoft platform.

With more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Fabio has held various positions, including software engineer, solution architect, and project manager. He has a proven track record of delivering complex projects in a variety of industries.

For his contributions to the industry, Fabio has been awarded the title of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for both Business Applications and Microsoft 365 Development.

As an active member of the technology community, Fabio is a frequent speaker at international conferences, sharing his knowledge and insights with other industry professionals.
He also contributes to open source projects, helping others solve technical challenges and staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.

Fabio is passionate about exploring new technologies and finding innovative ways to solve business problems.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Power Platform - Low Code
  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365 PnP
  • SPFx
  • SharePoint Framework
  • Microsoft 365 development (Microsoft Teams SharePoint Framework Microsoft Graph Office add-ins Connectors and Actionable Messages Windows Identity etc.)
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Power Apps

Build a CRM using Power Apps and Dataverse for Teams in 60 minutes

Is it possible to create a simple but powerful CRM using the Power Platform and specifically Dataverse for Teams?

The answer is yes and in this session we see how to create the application in Power Apps, a bit of process automation in Power Automate, use Power Virtual Agent for some tasks, and interface with Microsoft 365 services through connectors, all in 60 minutes

How to not write custom CSS and/or SASS in SPFx projects

I'm a programmer, not a graphic designer!
Write custom CSS and/or SASS is not my special and the final result in SPFx projects is an ugly and inconsistent layout compared to everything else.

If you have thought about this too, follow this session.
We will see how to avoid writing custom CSS and/or SASS in SPFx projects using different techniques such as:
- use the Fluent UI controls
- use context-provided themes, such as SharePoint for example
- use "CSS in JS" framework if necessary
- use utility frameworks like TailwindCSS in SPFx

We will see practical examples on real projects.

Create Extensions and Applications in Microsoft Teams

Create Extensions and Applications in Microsoft Teams

Extend Microsoft Teams, the definitive session

Microsoft Teams as well as being the reference platform for business communication and collaboration is also a valid platform to extend or use to create business applications.

In this session we will see an overview of all the ways we can both extend Teams and create applications, both in code and no-code / low-code mode.

Link to session:

PowerApps Custom Component & Component Framework

Professional developers can now create custom components for PowerApps. The component framework enables developers to create fully custom components for use across the full breadth of PowerApps capabilities.
Component developers can utilize modern web practices and harness the power of external libraries to create advanced user interactions.
In this session an overview about this new feature will be offered.

PowerApps for Enterprise Developers

"The potential of PowerApps for creating business applications makes the platform extremely appreciated for the majority of applications that companies need internally.

But when requests begin to include the ability to work offline, integrate and use Azure features, embed a PowerApps Application on Web sites, and create and use custom connectors for business data and services, things get more complicated.

Or is not it? In this session, we'll look at how to take advantage of the mechanisms and features that PowerApps includes to meet these needs."

SharePoint Framework get started & best practices

Sharepoint Framework is the new way to develop solution totally safe for your SharePoint environment and like a plus, we have a new toolchain that the developers can use also on other operative systems.
Now we have the possibility to use Typescript and other popular client-side frameworks like Angular, React and Knockout.
In this session, I would like to show, how to move the first steps with SharePoint Framework and the best practices.

SPFx, one Framework to rule them all!

In the development of Microsoft 365 solutions there are many ways to create / integrate functionality in the various services, whether they are Teams, SharePoint, Outlook it doesn't matter.

But is it possible to use a single framework to create solutions in Microsoft 365?

The answer is yes and specifically it is called the SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

In this session we will see what SPFx offers and how you can leverage it as a unique development framework in Microsoft 365.

Using code in low-code, from zero to hero

In Power Apps sometimes there is a need to extend the set of controls available by leveraging the Power Apps Component Framework.

In this session, from zero to hero, we will see preparing for the development of components, how to create a solution that includes multiple components and how to deploy the solution, not missing the ALM management and the best practices to follow by using this framework .

Take advantage of co-authoring via GIT in Power Apps Canvas Apps

Most applications are developed by several people at the same time.

In the case of Power Apps there are several ways to do this, but all of them collide with the lock in editing of the application itself by one of the users.
Is it possible to solve this type of problem?
The answer is GIT!

In this short session we will go to see the countless advantages of using GIT as a Co-Authoring system, we will see how to set up the application and we will also see how to manage the app sources effortlessly.

Tips and Tricks on create Professional UI in Power Apps Canvas Apps

Using Power Apps Canvas, the applications we create look like toys, with very little graphic consistency compared to the rest of the applications we are used to using in a Microsoft 365 environment.

In this session I will show practical and technical tips to create applications using Canvas App that are professional and responsive, going beyond what the environment offers us by default.

Use Power Apps to customize Microsoft Teams to empower your frontline workers

Microsoft Teams is becoming the hub for workplace collaboration, and with Microsoft Power Apps, Teams can be further customized to bring everything a frontline worker needs within only one application. In this session, learn how to optimize existing apps for Teams and how to more deeply integrate the two platforms to create a seamless experience using not only Power Apps but all Power Platform components

Link to Session:

Using GitHub to improve the life-cycle of Apps in Power Apps

Build apps in Power Apps it's very simple but deliver good solutions and manage the lifecycle in the right way have the same problems as normal "code development".

In this session will see how to use GitHub to manage the entire lifecycle of the Power Apps applications from the start to the release in Production.

Why did I choose SPFx to develop apps in Teams?

Ok, I know, everyone wants to build applications for Microsoft Teams and there are several ways to do this.

Apart from Bots, to create tabs or extensions we can use an infinite number of methods and technologies, from self-hosted websites to frameworks like SPFx.

Ok, but why SPFx?
In this session we will see how it is possible to create Tab, PersonalApp and Messaging Extension using SPFx and reaping countless advantages, without forgetting the few limitations that we may have.

Link to session:

Adaptive Cards Deep Dive

Adaptive Cards are an open format enabling developers to exchange UI-content in a common and consistent way, using a card-centric interface, across multiple platforms with easy, native implementation.

In this session, in addition to an overview of the specifications and available controls, we will see how to take advantage of these specifications and the various implementations available to view and collect information.

We will also see how to take advantage of Adaptive Cards in services that natively support these specifications such as Skype, Teams, Outlook, Bot Framework, Windows Timeline and how to integrate them into custom applications.

Come at this session to learn how to benefit from using Adaptive Cards.

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Fabio Franzini

CEO Apvee Solutions, Business Applications & Microsoft 365 Development MVP

Verona, Italy