Facundo La Rocca

Facundo La Rocca

.Net and Azure Architect at Distillery

Arquitecto .Net y Azure

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I started coding in C# and using Microsoft's technologies when I was 17. Since then I have been working with Microsoft's stack and I love it.
I have been digging into Distributing Computing and Microservices, particularly into Cloud ecosystems, a matter I am passionate about.
I am looking forward to learning Artifial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Comencé a programar en C# y tecnologías Microsoft a la edad de 17 años, desde entonces he trabajado dentro del stack de Microsoft y me encanta.
He estado profundizando sobre Sistemas Distribuidos y Microservicios, especialmente en ecosistemas Cloud, algo que me realmente me apasiona.
Estoy comenzando a entrar al mundo de Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Azure AD B2C
  • .net core
  • C#.Net
  • .NET 5
  • .NET Core ASP.NET Core ASP.NET .NET Azure DevOps VSTS Azure Visual Studio Scrum
  • Azure .NET C-Sharp

UnitTesteando controladores MVC

Te imaginas si pudieramos crear un servidor web en memoria para hacer unit testing de nuestros controladores?

Writing Unit Tests for Entity Framework Core with Swlite

In this session we will learn how to write unit tests for repositories or services that use DbContexts. We will start by creating Integration tests that requiere a real db connection, and will remove that dependency using in memory providers such as InMenory and SQLite.

Don't worry and be happy with Azure Functions

The idea is to have an overview of Azure Functions and its potential, but also dive a bit deeper and bring up some of the considerations we need to bear in mind when it comes to design our architecture.

Improving performance using Distributed Cache

In this session we will learn how we can improve the performance of our APIs with IDistributedCache. We will also learn how to integrate with Redis, Sql Server and InMemory almost effortlessly.

Bringing to life Policy-based authorization

In this session we will implement some simple authorization requirments, but yet complex enoght to go through the details every Asp.Net Core developer will have to deal with at some point.

Batch file processing on Azure

Batch processing is not something new, and either using a full synchronous http request, FTP or producer-consumer approach, sooner or later that feature will come into play.
In this session, we will go from a very synchronous and old style (legacy) approach all the way down to a CloudNative and fully event-oriented approach.
We will be using Azure including services such as Blob Storage, Azure Functions and Logic Apps.

Azure Web PubSub: WebSockets revolution

WebSockets will never be the same! Let's talk about Azure Web PubSub and why it is game-changer when it comes to real-time applications.

UnitTesteando con Entity Framework y SQLite!

Todo lo que necesitas saber para escribir buenos test unitarios con Entity Framework aprovechando la simpleza de SQLite

Azure Web PubSub: La revolución de los WebSockets

Construir aplicaciones con mensajería en tiempo real jamás fué tan simple y rápido como ahora! Descubre el poder de este nuevo servicio diseñado exclusivamente para trabajar con WebSockets y a gran escala.

Azure AD B2C: A real silver bullet

In this session we will see how easy, fast and cheap we can have a production-ready, fully scalable, robust and secure IAM PaaS system with Azure AD B2C

Configuración e implementación de Azure B2C on .Net Core

En esta sesión aprenderemos sobre como configurar la propuesta de Microsoft para la solución de administración de acceso de identidad de clientes llamada Azure B2C. También abordaremos el tema de como configurar una aplicación .Net Core para el consumo de esta plataforma.

Entity Framewor Core Unit testing

In this talk we will learn how te implement Unit and Integration testing for Entity Framework Core using SQLite and mocking

Facundo La Rocca

.Net and Azure Architect at Distillery

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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