Fanie Reynders

Information & Communications Technology

.NET .net core ASP.NET Open Source Software Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform Cloud

Odijk, Utrecht, Netherlands

Fanie Reynders

Software Architect & Microsoft MVP

Originally from South Africa, Fanie Reynders is a Software Architect living in The Netherlands with over a decade experience in the software industry. He is the coolest dad, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft MVP and secretly a Cloud Technology Evangelist obsessed with code, architecture and shiny new tech; sharing knowledge wherever to whoever will listen. He likes teaching, writing and vlogging about the things that make him happy. Check out his blog at or follow him on Twitter @FanieReynders.

Current sessions

ASP.NET Core Hidden Gems

APIs are everywhere, in fact; for most things today one could say “there’s an API for that”. Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core is a brand new web framework, completely open sourced and cross platform; for building scalable- & cloud ready web applications. In this interactive talk we go on a journey to discover some of the features that ASP.NET Core offers for building practical RESTful APIs like Logging, Middleware, Routing, Configuration, Dependency Injection, Hosting, Clients and Servers. All hands on deck, it’s going to get messy!

.NET Core CLI demystified

The .NET Core CLI is a new set of cross-platform tools for developing .NET Core apps. This no-slides; live coding talk, takes us on an enlightening journey on what the new .NET Core CLI tools can do for terminal junkies that never want to leave the console. Are you ready to enter the rabbit hole?

We all know (by now) that .NET Core framework is cross-platform, and this means also having cross-platform tooling. The .NET Core CLI tools is a set of tools for developing .NET Core applications that can run anywhere. Not only is the tooling itself cross-platform, but it also provides the foundation for other tools, like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

This forty-odd minute talk focuses on all the things that one can do with the .NET Core CLI from any shell window on any operating system.

Legacy to Awesome: Migrating to .NET Core

We have all experienced legacy code, some of us still do, and that’s not fake news. There comes a time when we need to draw a line in the rubble and start making the code great again. In this session, we will get our hands dirty with moving an existing system to .NET Core and learn about the fundamentals of getting it right the first time. No need to throw away old code, let’s move to a better framework and instantly get the speed and scalability we need to move forward.

Microservices? You're DDDoing it wrong!

Just because Netflix uses Microservices, doesn't mean everyone should jump onto the bandwagon. As each problem have their own set of solutions, there are many ways of implementing a microservice architecture. In this session, we will go on a journey to validate the different plausible solutions for true autonomous components, that can be each managed end-to-end by an one pizza team.

Roslyn for the rest of us

The .NET Compiler Platform, a.k.a. "Roslyn" has been around for quite some time now, but not all of us dare to get our hands dirty with syntax trees and semantic models. In this session we will take a step back and realize how easy it is to create useful diagnostic analyzers and code fix providers to solve real-world problems that do not require a PhD in Math.

Zero to DevOps in under an hour

The new buzzword "DevOps" is taking the industry by storm, and like Agile, most still get it wrong. This session takes us on a lap around how Azure DevOps Services unifies people, process and product to deliver real value to our customers, and also addresses practical use cases that enable a true DevOps culture in any organization, from the first commit to CI/CD, complete automation, pro-active monitoring and infrastructure-as-code.