Florian Salzmann

Florian Salzmann

Microsoft MVP & Senior Workplace Consultant @UMB

Zürich, Switzerland


Florian Salzmann is a passionate Microsoft MVP and Consultant based in Switzerland. His primary expertise lies in Microsoft Cloud Platforms, with a particular focus on endpoint management (Intune). With a background of several years in the IT industry since 2012, Florian revels in the art of PowerShell scripting and leveraging the cloud to its full potential. On his blog, scloud.work, he shares his ideas and practical solutions to common challenges in the modern workplace.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Intune
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Entra
  • Azure AD

Automate Intune: Graph, Managed Identities & co.

Have you ever found something in Intune that doesn't work the way you want it to or requires a lot of manual work?

Then this session is for you!
Learn how to automate almost everything in Intune. As tools I will show you PowerShell, our beloved Graph API, Logic Apps and to have a secure authentication Managed Identities.

We won't just talk about the theory, I'll show you two examples that you can build on your own based on my session to automate device names and group tags, and the second is about application requests for your end users.

Custom Intune Lifecycle Management

Die Funktionen von Intune und Autopilot reichen nicht immer aus, um das Lifecycle Management der Geräte sauber abzubilden. Die Geräteübersicht im Autopilot wird schnell unübersichtlich und Details oder weitere Informationen können nicht hinzugefügt werden.

Wie ich diese Herausforderung bereits in einigen Umgebungen mit SharePoint, Logic Apps und Managed Identities lösen konnte, zeige ich in dieser Session.

A roadmap to Autopilot success: 10 Tips & Challenges

Join us for an informative session on Windows Autopilot as we provide a roadmap to success by tackling 10 key tips and challenges. Whether you're new to Autopilot or seeking to optimize your deployment strategies, this session is designed to empower you with valuable insights and practical solutions.

Discover how to build a solid foundation by preparing your environment for Autopilot and overcome common hurdles during device enrollment. Gain expert advice on configuring Autopilot profiles to streamline deployment, including addressing network connectivity challenges and troubleshooting device registration issues.

Beyond Boundaries: Build an Intune App Approval

Unlock the full potential of user empowerment by extending the capabilities of Company Portal for application requests. While Company Portal provides basic functionality, this session will focus on configuring an approval workflow for custom scenarios.

In this session, I'll walk you through the process of creating a dynamic approval system using Logic Apps, SharePoint, and the wonderful Graph API.

From Detection to Resolution: The Power of (Proactive) Remediations in Intune

Curious about how (Proactive) Remediations work and how they can transform your IT management strategy?
Discover the secrets behind building your own remediations and gain insights into troubleshooting techniques. Explore real-world use cases and uncover best practices for configuring and deploying Remediations in your environment.

Strictly Enforce Location Policies in Entra ID: A Gift of Secure Access

Unlock the magic of "Strictly Enforcing Location Policies" in Entra ID Conditional Access this holiday season! Explore how to strength your security for accessing admin portals with this feature. Learn how to protect your critical resources and enjoy festive cheer without compromising on security.

Santa brings you Autopilot

A PowerShell script/module to start with Intune and Autopilot.
Run the module to create a basic setup of Intune, including:
- Autopilot profile
- Basic Windows Settings (OneDrive, Edge, Outlook...)
- MS Apps installation
- Defender Settings

The post includes a deep dive into the commands/module and how to write your own version of the deployment.

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Florian Salzmann

Microsoft MVP & Senior Workplace Consultant @UMB

Zürich, Switzerland


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