Fowmy Abdulmuttalib

Fowmy Abdulmuttalib

Power BI Enthusiast

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Fowmy Abdulmuttalib is a Microsoft-certified business intelligence professional with extensive experience in finance, accounting and data analytics. Currently, he is employed by McDonald's Saudi Arabia as the Head of ERP and Business Intelligence. Interested in everything data-related, he would like to share his passion and knowledge with the data community.


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Techniques to Improve Power BI Report Performance

Although creating a Power BI report can seem easy, there is a big difference between a report that just works and one that performs well. In this session, we'll go over some crucial tips for enhancing the performance of your report.

Data Model Optimization Tips to Boost Power BI Performance

In today's data-driven world, businesses and organizations rely heavily on data analytics to drive insights and make informed decisions. Power BI is a popular and powerful data visualization tool that helps organizations to quickly and easily analyze and visualize data from multiple sources. However, without an optimized data model, the performance of Power BI reports and dashboards can suffer, resulting in slow load times, decreased user satisfaction, and reduced overall productivity.

To overcome these challenges, it's important to have a solid understanding of data modeling techniques that can optimize your Power BI data model and improve its performance. This webinar will explore the best strategies for data model optimization to boost Power BI performance.

To get the most out of this webinar, participants should have a basic understanding of Power BI and data modeling concepts. Familiarity with the Power BI desktop application is also recommended, as the webinar will focus on practical techniques for optimizing data models within this tool. Some experience with SQL and data analysis may also be helpful, though not required. The webinar is designed for business & data analysts, and other professionals who work with Power BI on a regular basis and want to improve their data modeling skills to enhance the performance and efficiency of their reports

Why My DAX Formulas Return Wrong Results?

In this session, you will learn how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when building calculations using DAX within Power BI. We will explore 10 different DAX calculation examples that return unexpected results and learn how to avoid them, and how to fix them. Through solving these mistakes, you will also learn and brush up on your DAX fundamentals such as Evaluation Context, Iterators, Context Transitions, and Expanded tables concepts.

Create User-friendly In-Page Navigation in Power BI

I would like to share some Power BI report-building techniques. Provide user-friendly and seamless navigation within Power BI reports using the power of buttons and bookmarks to create a better report experience for users.

Create Custom Page Navigation in Power BI

In my session, I would like to share some neat techniques in Power BI to build a smooth and user-friendly custom page navigation within reports using bookmarks, buttons, and shapes in order to create a great user experience.

Power Query - A Powerful Solution to Complex Data Transformations

The objective of this session is to demonstrate the power of Power Query to solve some complex data transformation challenges. There are times when source data is presented in a format that cannot be used for analysis. Data transformations are applied depending on how well or poorly the source data is organized. During the session, I will demonstrate some practical examples of how to perform such transformations in Power Query, using both GUI and the M Language.

The session duration is around 50 minutes

Allocation and Visualization of Budgets with Seasonality using Power Query and DAX

In this session, we will look at a common budget allocation problem that involves seasonality. Seasonality has a major influence on many businesses. The ability to factor in seasonality in budgets and forecasts could help to create clear and meaningful comparisons with actuals.

Allocating a high level budget to lower levels of granularity, on the other hand, can be difficult. I'll demonstrate how to split seasonal budgets utilizing Power Query. This will allow us to compare the budget on a quarterly, monthly, and even daily basis. At the end, I'll demonstrate how to use dynamic DAX calculations for effective budget-to-actual comparisons.

Power BI Semantic Modeling Techniques for Financial Statements

In this session, we will delve into techniques for building effective Power BI Semantic Models to create financial statements. We'll explore how to construct models that simplify DAX calculations, handle aggregates, roll-ups, and more by employing efficient semantic modeling techniques. This will help you optimize your financial reporting process, making it both comprehensive and streamlined.

Technical Requirements: Basic familiarity with Power BI, DAX recommended. familiarity with Finance Statement is preferable.
Target Audience: Ideal for data analysts, BI professionals, financial analysts, and Power BI enthusiasts.
Session Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.
Additional Info: Live demos

Fowmy Abdulmuttalib

Power BI Enthusiast

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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