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Francesco Sciuti

Francesco Sciuti

CEO @ Devmy - Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, Google Certified Developer & AWS UG Lead

Catania, Italy


Francesco (Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, Google Certified Developer & AWS UG Lead), is a programmer with several years of experience in enterprise programming , high skilled in web development (frontend and backend) and in team project management.

I have a keen interest in new technologies and in IT development and I’m always upgrading and evaluating my knowledge and skills to stay at the cutting-edge of web development.

My outstanding verbal and written communication skills let me involved in lots of meetings, workshop and courses both in Sicily and in Italy as a speaker and tech event organizer.

Focused on continual professional and technological improvement: books, courses, articles, forums and regular attender of tech events where I can meet new and interesting people with which exchange as much as possible ideas and technical knowledge.

I want to put myself in challenges both in the personal and professional side and this is way I’m involved ,as an active contributor, in many Italian communities (Angular ,React, Javascript ,GDG, PUG, etc…) and I contribute as a counselor to CoderDojo Foundation (Computational youth learning).

I’ve worked for a long time as a employee and then as a freelancer, but nowadays I has my own company: Acadevmy – Software Factory, founded with my friends Andrea and Salvo.


  • Most Active Speaker 2023

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Frontend Architecture
  • Web Frontend
  • Frontend
  • Front-End Development
  • AWS Architect
  • angular
  • webcomponents
  • GraphQL
  • PWA
  • Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • Software Architecture

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Francesco Sciuti

CEO @ Devmy - Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, Google Certified Developer & AWS UG Lead

Catania, Italy


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