Garry Trinder

Information & Communications Technology

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Pontefract, England, United Kingdom

Garry Trinder

Solutions Architect, Microsoft MVP

Garry is a Microsoft Office Development MVP, Solutions Architect and Development Team Lead at Corporate Project Solutions (CPS), located in the UK.

He has specialised in SharePoint and Office 356 development for the past 10 years and has had many roles from administrator, developer and consultant.

In recent years, his focus has been on integration and automation in Microsoft 365 using the Microsoft Azure platform.

Passionate about community, he is a Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) team member and co-maintainer of the open source tenant management tool, CLI for Microsoft 365.

He can often be found sharing his knowledge on Twitter, @garrytrinder, through his blog,, speaking at events as well as being a co-presenter of the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace podcast, GreyHatBeard.

Current sessions

The GreyHatBeard Panel on the etiquette of Microsoft 365

The GreyHatBeard regulars (Al Eardley, Garry Trinder and Kevin McDonnell) will be joined by some special guests to challenge each other on the best tips around the etiquette of using Microsoft 365 services. When should you use Hub Sites? Should you @mention a channel? When to use Planner vs ToDo vs Excel? When should you use Teams Wikis? - obvs never on that one!

All set up like a panel show with a spectacular finish with the two “winners” squaring off to defend the indefensible

Manage your tenant and SPFx projects with 'CLI for Microsoft 365'

A common challenge when managing your Microsoft 365 tenant is managing the wide number of PowerShell modules available to manage each service, which are independant modules, that don't work together and that are tied to the Windows OS.

'CLI for Microsoft 365' is an open-source, community built, cross-platform CLI makes it easier for administrators and developers to manage their Microsoft 365 tenant on any platform, through a single install and a unified login giving access to all Microsoft 365 workloads.

In this session, you will learn

- How to install the 'CLI for Microsoft 365'
- How to connect to your Microsoft 365 tenant
- How to execute commands on different shells such as bash & PowerShell
- How to upgrade your SharePoint Framework (SPFx) projects
- How you can help contribute to the open-source project

Keyless authentication with Azure Managed Identity

A common challenge when building cloud integrations is how to manage the credentials needed by your code to authenticate with cloud services.

Azure solves this problem by providing a way to securely authenticate with any service that supports Azure AD authentication, without having to store any credentials in your code.

In this session, you will learn

• What Azure Managed Identity is
• How to enable and configure Azure Managed Identity to gain access to other Azure resources
• How to use Azure Managed Identity in Azure Functions and Logic Apps to call Azure AD backed APIs such as SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Graph
• How to configure your local machine for developing with Azure Managed Identity

Past and future events

PnP Virtual Conference - September 2020

31 Aug 2020

Scottish Summit

29 Feb 2020
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom