Gautam Ramachandra

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Gautam Ramachandra

Mysuru Consulting Group, Chief Technology Officer

Passionate about new technologies and a desire to invent technologies that can benefit mankind, backed up by significant experience in the classroom and through internships with leading research organizations. Gaining experience in both academia and industry.

Built computational models using machine learning for understanding of Biomechanics and Neural control of movement in human beings which will have applications in Robotics and Neuroprosthetics.

Working on building a biologically plausible algorithm that can exactly mimic the functionality of motor cortex of the brain and computational models for data modelling using Machine Learning.

I like to code and I passionately work on developing Full stack Machine Learning Architectures bringing research to production.

Entrepreneur, Worked in National Aerospace Laboratories, Indian Institute of Science, worked on projects funded by DBT / DST, worked on projects of National Interest and also with United Nations, consulted startups and MNCs on AI assignments, Author and Visiting Faculty.