Gavita Regunath

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Gavita Regunath

Advancing Analytics, Principal Data Scientist

Gavita Regunath is a passionate data scientist with Advancing Analytics, a mother, wife, mentor, and addicted to learning new things. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and enjoys fulfilling her STEM role, where she delivers AI and machine learning lessons to primary school children.

Current sessions

Get there faster with Machine Learning in Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is Microsoft's unified data analytics platform. You will see a lot about the great problems it solves in data Engineering and with Data Lakehouse Architectures. But this is never the end of the story. A data lake needs to be distilled and refined in to its predictive potential. This is where Machine Learning comes in to play. Each month there are new and interesting features added to Azure Synapse. One area which is getting more and more attention is Machine Learning. In this full day session we go from zero to hero in not only Azure Synapse but most importantly how you build models for production in Azure Synapse.

This session is a lab heavy session. You will need to bring a laptop with you, with an Azure subscription. We start the day looking at an overview of Azure Synapse, what it is and how it works. From there we move to explore how Synapse implements Machine Learning. The morning will focus on the integrations with AutoML and cognitive services before we move to train models from scratch in Python and PySpark. Along the way we will talk about model management and an increasingly important topic, MLOps.

Learn from industry experts and Microsoft MVPs Advancing Analytics in this full day session. This session is great for those who are new to Synapse, new to Machine learning but know some Synapse or new to both.

Data Science and Analytics from the Trenches: Real-World Experience from Diverse voices in the field

In this session, we will cut through the marketing buzzwords to share experiences, tips, and tricks on how to be successful with Data Science and Analytics in the real world. Tune in to hear the team share real-world experience and get takeaways from industry insiders on real projects with impact. We will also discuss the ethics and fairness of Data Science and Analytics projects and how we can be more inclusive from a technology, people, and process standpoint.

Join this lively and interactive session to hear from the speakers to learn practical examples on how to be a more successful data scientist. Bring your questions for discussion!

AutoML: An Introduction To Get You Started

AutoML which stands for Automated Machine Learning empowers data teams to quickly build and deploy machine learning models. It aims to reduce the time and expertise required to generate a machine learning model by automating the heavy lifting of preprocessing, feature engineering, model creation, tuning and evaluation. This session aims to provide an introduction to AutoML that will empower developers, analysts, and data scientists to develop machine learning models more quickly.

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8 Mar 2022 - 12 Mar 2022
London, England, United Kingdom