Geetha Sivasailam

Geetha Sivasailam

Microsoft Business Applications MVP | #PowerAddict | Solutions Architect @ArtisConsulting

Dallas, Texas, United States

Geetha is a Solutions Architect/Dev/Consultant at Artis Consulting and the Dallas Power Platform User Group Leader. She has 16+ years of consulting experience delivering cutting-edge business solutions leveraging Microsoft Business Applications, Custom App Dev implementations and various Emerging technologies (Azure/Intelligent Apps/Analytics).

She is a Business Applications MVP, organizer and co-founder of the Dallas Fort Worth Power Platform UG. She is passionate about enabling others to expand their possibilities and act more effectively with emerging tools, trends and technologies.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • power bi
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Power Automate (Flow)
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Power Platform Governance
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Azure

AI Powered Automation: The low-code way!

Want to optimize document processing and automate repetitive tasks around digital forms? A robust document automation solution for Power Platform is now available to enrich and accelerate your data extraction and management. Learn how Power Automate can orchestrate the overall process in combination with AI Builder, Cognitive Services & Power Apps to save valuable time spent on repetitive and error prone manual tasks around digital documents. Less code More Power!

WRK602 - Building AI Capable Solutions with AI Builder and the Power Platform

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage the Power Platform’s AI Builder functionality to quickly add rich AI functionality to your apps and automations. We’ll explore some of the out-of-the-box AI Builder components and how you can train a model to do forms processing.

Things you should know when getting into a Flow-mance

Starting a new relationship with Flow? Then this session is for you to start your foundation off on the right foot. Learn top tips, tricks and best practices to power-up your cloud flows.

Power BI + Power Apps + Power Automate = Better Together

Want to amplify actionable data insights and accelerate better decision making? Then this session is for you where we'll look at how organizations can benefit from the exciting possibilities of using Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate together.

We will walk through best practices, things you should know to take full advantage of the tools and real-life examples. Learn how you can seamlessly combine data visuals on Power BI dashboards with an added layer of apps and cloud flows to enable write-back capabilities and integration with numerous back end services like SharePoint, SQL, Dataverse etc.

Enabling Role Based Security in PowerApps

Do you need to restrict access to certain parts of your Power Apps application? Perhaps you have an Admin screen that only a certain set of users need access to. In this session, we will walk through step by step how you can leverage SharePoint Groups, Office 365 groups, AD groups and Power Automate to implement role based security in your Power Apps.

Microsoft Flow and Azure DevOps - Real World Scenarios

Azure DevOps has become increasingly critical to a team's success by providing tools and services that span the breadth of software development lifecycle. Microsoft Flow can help simplify and speed up your DevOps processes by automating common tasks, proactively monitoring work items, auto-requesting code reviews and much more. In the session we will look at some of the real world scenarios on how Microsoft Flow can empower teams to efficiently collaborate, track work and ship software faster with higher quality.

Intro to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Are you excited for the new Dataverse for Teams and want to see the PowerPlatform integration in action? Then this session is for you. We’ll walkthrough demos and learn how this new platform enables everyone to easily leverage Power Apps, Power Automate and intelligent chatbots in Teams.

App in a Day Workshop

Canvas apps have a rich set of features to help build intuitive and engaging apps to solve business problems by connecting to your favorite/popular data sources like SharePoint. Join the Power Apps all-day hands-on workshop, build and learn from real-world examples of canvas apps. Empowering citizen developers is what the Power Platform has been built for. So reserve your seat in the workshop and prepare to join the citizen developer movement!

All Skills are welcome! Demo environments will be provided for everyone but attendees can chose to work within their organizations tenants. Chrome Browser is recommended and individual laptops are required for the hands-on labs.

What will be covered during the workshop:

• Power Platform Overview
• Power Apps Introduction
• Group/Individual Basic Power App hands-on training
• Understanding Data Sources, Connectors & variety of controls available
• Building Canvas App from scratch using SharePoint as a data source
• Components
• Best Practices, tips & guidelines
• Power Apps Deep Dive
• Delegation Principles and tips for Performant apps
• Power Automate & Teams integration
• Printing Power Apps content
• Responsive Design
• Demos/Real World Scenarios
Open Forum: QnA

Tips & Tricks to Power-Up Canvas app designs

UX matters! Canvas apps have a rich set of features to help build intuitive and engaging user experiences. We will walk through demos and explore the key principles of engaging, clean and eye-catchy app UI. Learn quick tips and techniques to go beyond the usual and Power-Up your app designs.

Power Up your Apps (Performant Apps 101)

If you ever built an app and were concerned about performance, then this session is for you. Learn how to get the best performance out of your Power Apps as we walk through real-world canvas app scenarios with a set of best practices, optimization tips and techniques.

Azure API Management + Microsoft Teams = Flow-tastic & PowerApp-ilicious!

Want to amplify pro-code components and empower citizen developers to build apps in Teams leveraging existing assets hosted on Azure? Then this session is for you where we'll look at how organizations can unlock access to diverse set of Microsoft cloud hosted services and enable citizen developers to benefit from them with just a few clicks through their existing Teams licenses. Learn how pro devs can scale solutions by publishing Azure API Management backed APIs for easy discovery and consumption. This session will provide a holistic view of how you can to blend code-first tools with low-code tools like Power Apps/Power Automate to accelerate delivery of business apps in Teams.

Power Automate and SharePoint - Best Practices & Tips

Process automation with Microsoft Flow is a game changer and it's integration with SharePoint is rapidly evolving. We will walk through best practices and things you should know to take full advantage of the SharePoint connector in Microsoft Flow. Learn how you can go beyond the standard SharePoint actions and power-up your flows!

Geetha Sivasailam

Microsoft Business Applications MVP | #PowerAddict | Solutions Architect @ArtisConsulting

Dallas, Texas, United States