Giancarlo Di Paolantonio

Giancarlo Di Paolantonio

Software Engineer @

Tech Lead & Software Engineer at
Co-Founder of Software Craftsmanship Ticino.
I work primarly in Java and Kotlin, a little of JavaScript and TypeScript. Passionate about TDD, Event Sourcing/CQRS, DDD, Clean Code, Simple Design and Continuous Delivery.

Current sessions

Consumer Driven Contracts with Pact

We all should already know the value of testing our code. But, whenever we want to automatically test remote calls between services then we have issues: brittle and slow integration tests, impossibility to test edge cases, anti-patterns, and so on...

In this talk I would like to present an alternative approach that we are experimenting at called "Consumer Driven Contracts", in which we turn upside-down the classical client-server approach.

We do that with Pact, that is a multi-language tool that enables us to ensure that two services (consumer and provider) can communicate, and it does that in a reliable and agile way.
Amongst other benefits: every provider service can easily know which consumers it has and which API they use.